10 Things You Can Learn in Your Free Time – ALLOVERIST


Along with work, we need hobbies, look at things that can keep us occupied. Most hobbies are not expensive, and also helps you relax. It is up to the individual how to use the free time, but here are the ten things you can learn at your free time.

1. Read Books

This is obvious and the easiest thing to do in your free time. There is an endless supply of books you can pick up in a library, a bookstore, or at your neighbor’s. Go look in your closet. You may find a book you kept there months back but did not remember to pick it up. Reading books not only passes time but also gives you knowledge and improves vocabulary. Books can and will become your favorite companion.

2. Learn to Cook

Cooking can be fun, and it is also useful. Packaged, canned, and food delivered from restaurants is expensive. I love to get in the kitchen once in a while. Start with coffee, tea, omelets, rice. Just in case you may have to live alone or you may have to make something delicious for others. You can create some art with food with a little love and good intention.

3. Take Classes

So are you interested in music, dance? Consider joining guitar classes, learn drums, piano. Or absolutely anything that interests you. Guitar is said to be easier to learn than most musical instruments. Justin Guitar gives you free guitar lessons.

4. Learn a Hobby

Take up new hobbies like pottery, craft making, painting. There are online instructions, books that teach you pottery, crafts. With enough practice, you can pursue your hobby.

5. Learn to Drive

Learn how to drive a two-wheeler, a car, or ride a bicycle. It’s always good to learn anything early. However, it is never too late to learn later in life also. While driving is a nice thing, a bicycle is environment-friendly and fun.

6. Learn to use Computers

If you have not learned to use computers and the internet, you may miss out on latest updates from around the world. It will help you get in touch with those friends who have not been touch with you or been away from them for a long time. You can learn something interesting, discover things you may not have known that existed.

7. Learn Write Lists

Writing is beneficial, it helps you bring out your thoughts and ideas. Blogging will help you get your thoughts out to thousand of people. If writing about yourself is not your idea then write about someone else, or something else. learn to write a list like this. Or you can write fact or fiction. You can also make things up like the Fake IPL Player.

8. Learn to Make Juices

Eat a lot of mangoes, or any fruit available at that time. Most fruits have low fat and calories. It also helps you maintain blood pressure. Mango is my favorite fruit, known as the king of fruits. Have it any way you want to. Slice it and eat it, or squeeze it, juice it. Making juice is simple. Cut the fruit to pieces, blend it, and then drink the juice.

9. Learn Accounting

Calculate what you have earned, and what your expenses are. It could help you determine how much you will need to earn the next year, it will also help you save to travel, buy a house, or start a business.

10. Learn About a New Place

Travel a lot. Not really to another country, or the next city. Take a bus to the next town next to the hills, or a lake. You might even decide to be a bird or tree expert while you are there. Be on the move. You will also learn about people who live there, and their way of life. More places the better.