Name: Kishor

Lives in: Bangalore

What do I do?

I am a Content Writer when I need the money, and Traveler when I have enough. Technical writing,  and customer service are two more jobs I have done. I am working on my food startup.

Why this blog? What do I write about on this blog?

I started blogging seven years ago, but about that was random stuff. But now I have been traveling, and I would like to write about it. I will also write fiction too. You may find some posts interesting, some posts may be thought provoking or boring.

Is there anything new in this blog?

May be. I will make sure to give something you may not be aware of. I’ll appreciate it if you share posts that you like.

About this blog.

I created this weblog because of my dynamic interests because I think and read about wide range of topics. This particular weblog was started four years ago, I moved all my posts from Blogger.com. Some of the posts are old. This blog is about drawn inspiration through travel, food, culture, starting up.etc.

Should you blog too?

Sure go ahead. It’s easy. Log in, write, and click, that’s all. Do you want to talk about carpentering, or about making a radio? Do write, and tell people to read what you write. Try it, and you will find a way to keep readers coming back.

I take pride in:

Living in Bengaluru, projects I take up, and the time I put in this blog.

Some topics interesting to me:

Starting up, Current Affairs, Innovation, Art and Craft, Music, Movies, Fiction, Non fiction, Culture, Learning, Food, Society, Science, Discovery, Writing, etc.