Officer Vijay was the first to arrive at the scene. The victim here was a prominent businessman. No one expected the controversial businessman to die at the hands of an assassin. He inspected the interior of the car. It was a single bullet which hit the man. The bullet hit him on his forehead in between his eyes. The roof of his car was splattered with his brain matter.

The pieces of his skull was embedded in the seat of his car. It was an empty expressway. He looked at the crime scene and he could not believe his eyes. The surrounding was an open plane. There was a hill 2 kilometers away. The shot would have come from there. The highly skilled shooter shot a moving target that was traveling at a speed of 100 kilometer an hour from a distance of two kilometers. The shooter might have been in the military he thought.

“Hey Vishnu come look at this” said Vijay.

“Ya dude” said Vishnu.

“Don’t call me dude. I am your superior officer.”

“Mind you, you are neither an officer, nor superior. I think you are just two months older, that’s all, and you are still in school.”

“Come look at what I wrote. I wrote about a murder scene in the seven minutes teacher gave me.”

“Hey chill dude I haven’t finished writing my stuff. Even I got the same nine minutes you have. I haven’t finished my story. The time frame is about to expire.”

And both Vishnu and Vijay went back to their class assignment of writing an act with classmates as characters. Now how do I create a murder scene thought Vijay.