Bannerghatta Biological Park – INSPIRATION ALLOVERIST

Travel 20 KM South of Bangalore on the Bannerghatta Road, and you’ll reach the Bannerghatta National Park. It is a small park, but it has a zoo, and a butterfly park. But the main attraction is the park. The price of entry to the park can  be clubbed with that of the zoo. Although zoos all over the world has some educational value, we all have to agree to the fact that the animals do not have freedom. Getting a glimpse of the big cats in the wild might be the best educational experience. There are many national parks in the country, and if you are in Bangalore, and you want to see animals in the wild, Bannerghatta national park is the answer.

Bannerghatta Park

Children will love this place. Bannerghatta is known for its lion and tiger safaris, the first of its kind in India. Most of the animals like hippos, elephants, cheetahs, the king cobras, etc. are here, and are the ones which are native to India.

One can complete visiting the park, the zoo, and the butterfly park within the evening. You get to travel around the reserve in a mesh windowed bus which the park operates. I remember visiting this park for the first time when I was a kid. That was the first time I saw Tiger in the open. It was so well fed that it did not react when the bus went past it. We stopped by and took some pictures of it.

Update: I visited the park again in February 2016.

However, their tameness shouldn’t be taken for granted as there have been incidents where these animals have attacked visitors. Just follow the rules of the park and try not to taunt the animals.

Butterfly Park

The new attraction here is the country’s first Butterfly Park. This place is full of plants, and there is humid climate which attracts different species of butterflies. There is a waterfall in the park. There are 20 different species of butterflies here. However visitors cannot touch or harm the butterflies. The next time I visit Bannerghatta park, the Butterfly Park will be on the agenda.

There is a facility of overnight stay. There are many amusements for kids like elephant rides, they get to feed the elephants, and many more. For details about a day trip, over night stay, cost of entry, and camping, check