Beware of These Career Traps – ALLOVERIST

Starting a career is exciting, and you work hard to make that career work for you. However, there are some career traps that will plague you at one point in time.

Having no Career Plan

This may lead to confusion. Failure is inevitable because life will be stagnant. It may derail your career. Listing out your strengths and challenges is a good move as it will help you decide what to pursue next.

Lacking Expectations

Meeting up with people, or your supervisor to discuss what is expected of you is a good move. Lacking expectations can be the biggest career trap leading to nothing. Everybody should know, and should be told about their duties and their position parameters.

No Association

The golden rule of a good growth is relationships, or networking. Some people focus so hard on the job that they never get to interact with people in the other parts of the organization. If at all they interact, it may not be under friendly circumstances. Winning friends throughout the organization adds to additional benefits.

Taking Indefinite Decisions

We all know that people who take tough decisions naturally stand out. Those who take decisions indefinitely or uncertainly, stand out for the wrong reasons. When you have a decision to make, frame out the job by focusing on what might be an emergency.

Narrow Focus

People need to develop a variety of applicable skills. With the developed new skills you can better market yourself so that a project finds you. Developing new skills can be like career insurance, or else people get stagnant.

Covering up

When a mistake is committed by us, the best thing would be is to take responsibility to fix it. Being honest to admitting mistakes and not covering it up could come in handy.

When we find ourselves in a career trap, it is not important how we fell in, but how we got out of it. It would take some time and training to prevent career from getting stagnant