Five Steps to Finding Your Niche – ALLOVERIST

Finding your niche simply means doing something specific, a segment of a particular area of interest. For example, in the Hospitality industry, guest relations form a niche. Similarly in blogging, travel blogging is a niche. You have to find something that fits your interest and is something that gives you a kick. If you can find the right niche inside a big industry or market you have a good chance of building a career you like, or a business that you are happy about.

Understanding Niche

Everybody have skills and the potential to do something they like. Everybody has the intelligence, and the ability to pursue something unique. People who follow their niche must know what they are good at, and they plan their career accordingly. They do not get confused and drift away after they set goals. They don’t get carried away by outside influences, short term gains, and they are not afraid of making mistakes.

SWOT to Niche

People who follow their niche would have a high self esteem, would be confident, and are comfortable with their decisions. They do a Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat (SWOT) analysis at every stage. So they would know what their strengths and their weaknesses are.

Follow Your Niche

It is essential that you choose something that will not only bring success and money, but also satisfaction of doing something you love about. People take up a career, get dissatisfied and then realize they are not following their niche. People follow their niche by opting for a career because they have a passion for it, and not because someone else is doing it. Following your niche will make you comfortable and confident.

No Comfort Zone

Lying in your comfort zone does not allow you to explore your strengths, and it will keep you out of opportunities.

Leap of Faith

If you do not take the plunge, or take the leap you don’t know if you can get it done. Taking the leap will help you close the gap between your dreams and reality.

What You Learn Living and Working In Villages – ALLOVERIST

70 percent of the people in India live in villages. People are trying to migrate to cities but village life is still important. It is hard to say which lifestyle is better. There are good and bad things about living and working in a village in India.

Value of Education

Many children do get access to quality education. Besides the classroom imparted lessons, children usually do not know or do not have access to libraries, knowledge centers, and the internet. Many villages in India do not have a school, but some of them who do. Villages that have a school take pride in it, and value it. Living in a village and after learning about rural education systems, you will be glad that you went to a good school, had access to knowledge, and had great teachers.

Village school at budubalu

Respect Everyone

People of the village love having guests, and treat you with respect. They like having outsiders, and usually you are more than welcome to teach them your ways, and learn their ways. When an outsider needs help they go out of their way to help them. They are more than happy to share their stories, and listen to yours.

Physical Exercise

Transportation has improved in villages in India, and is well connected to major towns most times. However, there is little traffic, no access to proper transportation. Some villages are farther to major town. So most people walk few kilometers to work. Every other activity in a village, namely gardening, farming, woodcutting, logistics is done using human power. So people do not need to enlist in the gyms. So people in the village get lot more exercise than people in the city. You also take fresh in fresh air than polluted city air.

Kumbara – the village potter

Villages are Safer

Crimes, polluted air, road accidents make city not as safe as villages which have little or none of it. There is theft, and other crimes. A village has a sense of community, and people are ready to help each other. People living in cities are vulnerable to spread of a major disease, and often get lifestyle diseases. These things are less possible in villages.

View from one of the villages

Peaceful Life

A city life is always busy. People are always in a hurry, and often get stressed for various reasons which contribute to sedentary lifestyle. The vehicles in the city, the construction activity contribute to the noise pollution and bad quality of air. People in the village sleep peacefully because there is no noises connected to traffic, or construction activity. Only noise you are irritated about are the dogs howling at the moon. You also spend less in a village than in a city. Villagers do not dream of riches, but a simple life.

Having said these, Indian villages have some disadvantages. Some of the downsides are:

Terrible Healthcare

There are only few doctors practicing in the village. Some villages do not have a health clinic. People need to travel to a major city, or town to get healthcare. Hospitals in towns do not have the standards cities have. However, I see local governments send health workers to check up on villagers, especially infants and children.

Lack of Amenities

Villagers are usually promised uninterrupted electricity, but get little. People have to wait for a long time for electricity which is supplied only for few hours in the day on which people depend on, especially for cooking. Water is something people have to wait a long time for, one week sometimes. This makes life slow there.

Sanitation is also a major concern in a village. India leads the world in open defecation, and the government has been trying to improve infrastructure regarding sanitation. There are many organizations that are teaching people about good sanitation practices.

Budubalu temple

Village Temple and Politics

The village temple plays an important role. People usually take the advice before doing anything, and they usually doesn’t kindly to anyone who oppose their advice, or disagree with them. If you work for the government, you were in the position of power and people will come to you to settle disputes. People aligned with different political parties might come to loggerheads and usually fail at negotiation. I saw this first hand when I volunteered at Budubalu, a village near Mysore. However, they would unite and work together during the village festival.

School Infrastructure

Bad infrastructure in rural schools is one of the evils of rural education. Chairs and tables are usually in a bad condition. Village schools may not encourage creativity. Students are mostly expected to learn up the alphabets and write it in the tests as taught by the school.

A self help group meeting

Caste and Discrimination

Rural India has a strong caste systems. Decisions are taken based on this, and is usually ugly. People from the lower caste is more challenged than the higher caste people even though government is trying to promote equal opportunities. Caste also plays a major role in politics which is not a surprising.

India In A Month – The Highlights – ALLOVERIST


Picture Source: goMowgli

One Month in India is a mixture of good things, and not so good things. I have lived in India for the last 30 years, and I have still not seen all of it in India. I had traveled to Amritsar, and Delhi, but I had not stayed there enough to see and explore. But traveling extensively is what I wanted, but could not. In May 2016 I decided to change that. I strictly stuck to traveling to the capitals, but took a little detour from my capital run.


If you want to travel, start doing that at home the saying goes. I spent a week riding around the city, taking pictures of places around. I have a home in Bangalore, so I did not have to pay for accommodation. Trying to seek interesting places to see. I made some progress. There are lot of places to see other than Lalbagh, the museums. The Tipu Sultan palace that is hidden from view, but definitely a good one. The Bangalore Palace, the art galleries, and the theaters.



Chennai from above Source: Lokaa

I have lived in Chennai as a kid in the IIT campus when my dad was here for PhD. We used to go out to see places. The Guindy National Park was the favorite family outing. So when I travel to Chennai I am no tourist. A city of culture and heritage, the seafood, the drive to Mammallapuram (Mahabalipuram), or Pondicherry on the ECR is a must do.


After Chennai, I traveled back home to Bangalore, from here I caught a bus to Hyderabad. My first time in Hyderabad happened in the month of Ramzan. So one of the highlight of this trip was (the roza) the breaking the fast at the Charminar in the evening. The Golkonda Fort is an amazing fort that withstood the Mughals. I stayed in a campus at the Secunderabad cantonment with some amazing people.



Dakshineshwar Kali Temple                                          Source: Wikipedia

I took the Falanuma Express to Kolkata. It was the second fastest train to Kolkata taking little more than 24 hours to reach the Howrah station. I wish it was during the Durga Pooja, but I will come back for it. The Kalighat temple, Dakshineshwar, the National Museum, and the food is the best thing in Kolkata. My lovely host is an artist who also cooks some amazing Kolkata fish.


It seems many Bengali people go to Varanasi, either for a short pilgrimage, or move there for good. I took the Himgiri Express to the ancient city of Varanasi. Varanasi has the old town, the new town, and the University campus. I took a boat ride early in the morning and a dip in River Ganga. I took the picture on the homepage during this ride.


One of the most famous structures in the world in here. When in North India, you cannot miss the Taj Mahal. There are no words to describe the Taj. There is also a fort, and the tombs around in Agra. Getting to Agra was a small adventure. I spent only half a day here, I then took the evening train to Delhi.


I took the Gatimaan Express to the nations’s capital, the fastest train as of September 2016. I had been to Delhi in 2006, but I stayed only less than a day after a three day journey from and to Bangalore. The effervescent Hauz Khas village was where I stayed, near the ruins of the ancient city of Siri.


The Rajdhani train I took ran through the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. I ended my month long travel in Mumbai by staying for three days in the Mysore Colony, a small residential area in Chembur. This is my second visit to Mumbai. My first visit being eleven days long. Mumbai is a fascinating city to explore, with colonial past, iconic buildings like the Gateway of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway station, Taj Mahal Hotel, hidden temples, the Apollo Bandar. Street food at the Chowpatti beach is also a must do.

What next?

You could travel in India for a lifetime and still not see everything. There are many things to see, no wonder they call India a subcontinent. Few regions in my mind is the Himachal, Kashmir -Nepal region, Rajasthan – Gujarat, Punjab definitely, and the Northeast India. Besides, trains are the best way to travel in India. No second thought about that. There are some itinerary that people draw up and follow, but not complete. It would be futile to even try drawing up itineraries.

Little Superstar – ALLOVERIST

Bored? Little Superstar is a video that features Tamil Superstar Rajnikanth, and the little man known as King Kong who provides comic relief in Tamil cinema. This is a clip from the movie Athisaya Piravi 18 million plus views on YouTube. This thing never gets old. Hilarious, and spirited.


Somebody followed it up with an extended version.


Sitting on his chair, Simha the king took one last look at his large mahogany desk which lay in the middle of the room. It was 300 years old. The office he was in was more than 500 years old. The office was constructed using the finest quality stones available at that time. He held this office for 25 years. He could have been in office for 25 more years, but his laziness cost him his job.

He had been lazy ever since he was born, and became even lazier after he was declared king. He looked at the portraits hung on the wall of his predecessors. They had facial hair like him. They had been lazy like him too. Only their female partners hunted. He looked at the empty portrait next to his own portrait, and tears rolled down his cheeks. He was afraid that nobody’s face would occupy that empty portrait.

‘How could this happen? How did the others turn against me? How did his loyal subjects turn disloyal to me?’ he asked himself. He knew the answer before he could finish his question. ‘It’s all because of those damn humans. Technology has made them powerful than they actually are. I don’t know what they call those funny looking devices they hold in their hands. They do funny stuff with it. Research they call it. I saw the humans injecting some liquid into a monkey. I don’t know what the humans discussed among themselves, but after sometime they left the monkey alone.

The monkey woke up after sometime and wobbled back to the top of the tree. Wait a minute, he was lying on the floor and was an easy prey, and I did not catch him. Oh no. Well anyway, the humans do something on the pieces of paper. Writing they call it.’ When Simha was a baby he had found a piece of paper which was left behind by a small human. The piece of paper had an outline of his face written in blue ink. He smiled, and then ate it before his friends could get to it.

‘The humans proved that we lions are lazy and we hunt during the night. We always hunt in prides but never alone.’ There was always lone wolf, but never a lone lion because lions preferred to hunt in pride. He had seen a lone wolf howling at the moon once, but he never got to see his face. He tried hard to go after them but could not get to them. His predecessors said to him that wolves are elusive creatures and they cannot see. Legend had it that wolves saw the world with help of the moon. The idea of being a wolf fascinated him. One night when everybody slept, Simha came out of his den and tried howling at the moon.

Tonk, he heard a sound. Tonk tonk tonk, he heard the sound again. He wondered where it came from. He looked behind and there was his mother. The moonlight was shining on her face. Simha then realized that his mother knocked him on his head with her knuckles.

‘What are you doing? Go back to sleep.’

‘But mom, I want to be a wolf’, said Simha.

Tonk, on Simha’s head, harder this time. Simha went back to sleep and gave up nurturing the idea of wanting to be a wolf again. He had seen a face of a huge animal. It had a trunk. I hate elephants he thought as soon as he pictured an elephant in his head. It seems the elephants are intelligent than us lions, or any other animals in the animal kingdom. Elephants and humans have been hand in glove for more than 15,000 years. Elephants have helped humans win their wars, travel to far off places, for recreational rides, etc. I guess humans are returning the favor now. That is why the humans wanted the elephants to be the king of the jungle. Or is there more to it? I guess I am too lazy to find out.’

‘I should have seen this day coming. We should have been friends with humans. No one even dared say anything against this Simha, now all the animals are mutinying against me’, said the lion king pointing a finger to himself. Simha had the habit of talking to himself when he was agitated. He was agitated because his time to vacate the office had come. He turned to the empty portrait in the room and said, ‘I was the king, but it all changed for me after this elephant came. He wants to be the next king of the jungle. I had not bothered to know his name, but one day I asked his name when I caught him staring at me at the pond where all the animals came to drink water. What’s his name? Ah, yes Gajendar it is.

That animal always ate banana bread loaf. Yes it’s true. I am not being funny’, he said shaking his finger in the air. ‘Why couldn’t he eat bananas just like the other elephants? He began his crusade to oust me even before I was born. He had been campaigning against us lions since a long time. My father was too lazy to stop him. Now I am lazy too. That animated animal, that elephant never took a commercial break. He made his money by selling his idea of freedom from us lions. That elephant that ate banana bread and wore polka dotted trousers barged into my office one day and drove me nuts. This is absurd. Now that human, what do they call him? Ah yes, Steven Spielberg. He’ll make a movie called ‘The Elephant King’. This cannot happen. Roaarrrrrrrrr. Cough cough cough.’

Published Fiction – ALLOVERIST

Writing fiction is one my favorite form of writing. This page has all the works of fiction that I have attempted. So read, and please comment below.

Limitless Inspiration

A motivational speaker talks about getting inspired from the world around us. However this does not convince a man who listens to this talk. But inspiration does come to him in an unexpected way, eventually.

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This story is about a Border Security Force soldier, who talks about his life in the force. There is lot of action, and also the afterlife. Read one of my favorite work by clicking below.

The BWW Blog, August 26, 2013


Alaya is a dystopian fiction about a girl who has to make a difficult choice of listening to her counselor, or listening to the voices in her head.

Literary Yard, May 2, 2014

The Flash

This story is about a double atomic bomb survivor in Japan, he talks about his life after the human tragedy that took million lives.

Buy the Best of the Bestiary, an e-book that is a collection of short stories written by members of Bangalore Writers Workshop. Buy the e-book from

In This Blog

India Express is about a fictional journey of a woman in an Indian train.

Moments Worth Living For is about a person’s view of a city after rains.

Change is a story if two friends meeting after a long time.

What are the Noises you hear from next door?

What do you get when you heat sugar? You get Sugar Rush.

The King of the jungle may change.

Idu Namma Bengaluru – ALLOVERIST

Bengaluru is a city of villages, and every village has a story of its own. It has many names. Bendakalooru, a name given by a king who got offered boiled beans; Bangalore, as the British called it; Bengaluru, as the government wants to know it by. Over the years development joined almost all the villages to form Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka. Surveys published in the print media have ranked Bangalore at the top among all the cities in India. Bengaluru, the IT capital of this country, is grown into a large metropolis, with recognized educational institutions, software companies, aviation, defense organisations, the IISC, also a paradise for budding entrepreneurs, and businessmen, with a healthy social culture. We have an awesome new airport, and awesome parks.

The Founder of Bengaluru

Bangalore, like Rome was not built in a day. It has a history of more than 5000 years. Roman traders while traveling around for trade stopped here, and left behind some of their coins for archaeologists to find in the modern era. Bangalore was established in the year 1537 by Kempe Gowda. In the years to come, Bangalore became a commercial hub where traders showed up to do business. A history buff, and its residents would love to research more about the rise of Bangalore.

The Weather

The weather is cool most days of the year. My mother remembers Bangalore being colder than it is now, misty in the morning, and sunny only in the afternoon. But development has changed the ecology in the city. Despite Bangalore being a part of the Kingdom of Mysore, the Brits had offices here. After independence, the Indian government established many public organizations here. One reason is the weather, and another is that it is far away from the borders of China and Pakistan.

The Culture

There is a good music scene in Bangalore, both traditional and modern. The food is unique to this region. English spoken, culturally and historically fascinating. There is no way Bangalore has no effect on you. People from all over have managed to make this city home. Authors, artists, entrepreneurs, social and political figures, and some exotic animals have lived, and continue to live here.

Living in Bengaluru

So the amenities we have is of standard quality, right? The city, however, faces traffic congestion like nowhere else, and the cost of living is higher. Bad infrastructure, water issues, garbage problem, bad city administration, metro project going at a slow pace, are some of the challenges today of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). There is corruption and scams right here in Bangalore. Civic administration is crumbling. The number of parks and lakes which Bangalore had in plenty is depleting. How a city makes money, and how fast the city grows out of its existing boundary does not determine its growth, but the improvement of quality of its citizens does. Quality of life improves by clean air, water, quality of air, and other different measures.

Every resident should pitch in to maintain this city, not just the city corporation. Nonetheless a great city to which everyone’s welcome and contribute.

Curse of the Copulating Idol – Part 7 (Diagnosis) – ALLOVERIST

Continued from Part 6

The Diagnosis

In a facility unknown to most people somewhere near Haryana, Dr. Singhal, the chief scientist of the facility entered his office and greeted Dr. Vagish. Dr. Vagish seemed to be in a hurry to meet Dr. Singhal. He came to his office and had called Dr. Singhal and asked him to come to the office. Dr. Singhal was one of the specialists among the team of scientists. He was a specialist in dangerous and rare diseases. Dr. Vagish, a head of a hospital and a diagnostic facility was also a close friend of the scientist. As Singhal entered he ignored the boy and the girl who were standing behind a transparent door. He reached out to Vagish and shook hands with him.

‘You sounded frantic on the call. You said you have something to show me. What seems to be the problem?’ asked Dr. Singhal.

‘Yes’, he said and came straight to the point, ‘I would like you to meet Sara and Veer’ said Dr. Vagish pointing at the boy and the girl behind the glass door.

The scientist looked at the boy and the girl and nodded his head, he pointed at the boy and said, ‘Mr. Veer’ and then he pointed at the girl and nodded his head ‘Ms. Sara, would you two want to have a cup of coffee?

Dr. Vagish put a hand on the chief scientist’s shoulder and said, ‘Coffee is not the issue here. Actually…’


Dr. Vagish said pointing at the girl, ‘that is Veer, he was a boy’, and then he pointed at the boy and said, ‘that is Sara, and she was a girl’.

Dr. Singhal shot a quizzical glance at Dr. Vagish.

‘They had a sex exchange. No one knows how it happened.’

‘What do you mean no one knows how it happened?’

‘You know all about this don’t you? You were looking for them. Their parents abandoned them, and you offered to take them.’

‘What are you talking about Vagish?’

‘Off-course, how could their parents ever keep them? It would ruin their political career.’

Sara and Veer were children of well known politicians. Sara’s father was to be the CM of Haryana, and he needed Veer’s father to align with him to get the majority to form government after the election. Besides it took me a lot of trouble from keeping their secret from the public, and the media. If the public come to know what their children are involved in, they would lose confidence in Sara and Veer’s politician parents. Both their mother have no choice but to accept the fact that their children are social and political liabilities.’

‘Come to know about what? What are the children involved in?’

‘They came to me after escaping from their parents Singhal. Actually you should be thankful to me. I brought you to them.’

Dr. Singhal was left open mouthed. He stuttered and asked, ‘Is it?’

‘Yes’, answered Vagish. ‘They also turned deaf and dumb before we reached here. Their last words were, “gau”, and “idol”. They were also involved in an accident. They have bruises over them. Sara’s domestic help said they both saw shadowy figures all the time, tormented them in their sleep too.’

‘Thank you doctor. You may leave the kids here’, said Singhal tapping Vagish on his shoulder.

Vagish freed himself and said, ‘I know what you and your team are working on. It’s the cursed village isn’t it?’

‘Really? I don’t know what you are talking about’, said Dr. Singhal and looked away from him.

‘We have worked together before. We have been friends since a long time. I know it when you keep something away from me Singhal. I know about the curse of the copulating idol. You cannot deny its existence to me.’

Singhal shot a surprised glance at the medical doctor.

‘Do you know about the people who set up the lovers and were banished from that village?’ asked Vagish.

Singhal stood straight and became attentive to what the doctor said.

Vagish took a step towards Singhal and said, ‘My family believes in the story. There are stories that were circulating down in my family about the cursed idol. I thought it was a myth but now I know it is real. These children must have desecrated the idol. How else would you explain this? I need an in on your team. If not for me you would have never got to meet these kids.’

Continued in Part 8

Curse of the Copulating Idol – Part 2 (Foreplay) – ALLOVERIST

Continued from Part 1


The narrator made his way to the middle of the stage. He stood with his arms stretched, scanned the crowd, and began emphatically throwing his right arm to his side, “Many many years ago there was a girl and a boy. They were madly in love. They had made love many times, but this time it was different. One day they made her way out of the house holding hands until they reached the field. They ran through the immense field, the grass was tall enough to hide them. When the middle of the field, they stopped, and the boy pulled the girl down with him to the ground.

The boy looked at the girl’s face. They smiled at each other. They kissed and laughed for a few minutes. Their breathing grew heavy, and then her green eyes met his. The boy knew that he did not want to waste a moment. His hands moved from her hips to the button of her blouse, unhooking them while he put his lips on her neck breathing deeply. She had goose bumps on her neck. He kissed her shoulders where there were goosebumps. She loved it. He then quickly got her clothes out of his way. He caressed her breasts, she stroked him. When he was about to come she stopped stroking. He then entered her.

The hay on which she was lying on rustled. She liked the sound of it. So did he. The wind blew through the grass around them and it caused both of them to shiver. She had managed to suppress her embarrassment and she was indeed beginning to enjoy it when the boy got his hands under her lifting her back. ‘Wrap your legs around me’, he whispered to her. She did so. She flung her legs apart, she swung her legs scissoring them around his heaving back.

Feeling ecstatic he let out a groan and doubled his efforts. She lay still; she could almost hear her heart pounding. Thrilled by his efforts, the girl arched her back. Her body jerked. Both of them were oblivious to their surroundings. He had his hands at either sides of her and was thrusting hard into her. She let out a moan, smacked her lips and she let her head roll to one side. And then, the transformation began. Slowly both the boy and the girl turned into stones.”

The narrator stopped narrating and looked at the audience. Everybody was attentive. Some of them had slept. Some of them had their hands cupped on their mouth. The narrator saw some young couples make eyes. He smiled because he always saw this reaction among newly weds, and young adults. There were some who looked bored because they had heard this a lot. He scanned the audience, and when he thought he had given the audience enough time to digest the fact, he continued. “It was the curse that turned the copulating couple to turn into stone.”

Continued in Part 3

Blind Dreams – ALLOVERIST

Continued from Twenty Five

The tall young man ran as fast as he could, dashing past rickshaws, buses, people. He wasn’t wearing any shoes, and so his sole burnt. He liked pain because it made him feel warm. He liked being warm and so he tried absorbing pain and continue running. He reached the outskirts of the city in no time. He saw rice fields, on both sides of the road, and mountain ranges far away. He thought he would explore them sometime. He stopped running, and walked on the sand on the side of the road. The sand was cool because of the trees on the side of the road was blocking all the heat from the sun. After a few minutes of walking he ended up in a barren area.

It was vacant and desolate. The soil was brown and dusty. He looked up to see blue sky and the sun shone into his eyes. He cupped his eyes to protect himself from the glare but still he had the corneal flash burns which blurred his vision for few seconds. He saw people from the corner of his eyes. He walked towards them but realized it was just a mirage. The tree stumps in the distance looked like people. The mid day air was hot and he was sweating. The breeze kicked up dust and got carried into his face. He cupped his face to protect his eyes. His eyes watered because the dust irritated his eyes. He let his eyes water for few seconds and then everything was alright. He looked to his right and saw a building made of sand.

He walked towards it and saw the door ajar. He pushed the door open and entered the building. The inside of the house was like that of a typical suburban house. The house was neatly arranged and he did not see a speck of dust on anything. The screen smelled of fresh wash and even the sofa had fresh cover on it. The kitchen was neatly arranged. He opened the cover of a vessel on the dining table but it was empty. He went to the guest room and saw the television running. Strange he thought.

“Hello”, he called out but did not get an answer. He sat on the red sofa and watched television. He felt drowsy and was drifting to sleep. He woke up to see the television still running. He thought he slept for a long time, but he hadn’t. He confirmed it by looking at his watch. The running must have made him tired he thought.

For some reasons unknown to him he felt contented. He looked around him. He thought the walls, the sofa, the bed looked familiar. He went to the bedroom and looked at the bed side table. There he saw an upturned photo album on the table. He picked it up and looked at it. He realized that his vision was blurring. He shook his head. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the girl in the picture who was holding hands with a tall man. The tall man was her father he gathered. But who was the little girl next to him? He strained his eyes and realized that he was looking at a picture of his wife taken during her childhood. He put the photo back on the table, and then he heard it rain outside the house.

He looked up at the ceiling and a drop of water fell into his eyes. He was about to rub it off when another drop fell into his face. The old man woke up and opened his eyes to reality without ever being able to open his eye lids. He felt ticklish again because of the water drop falling into his empty eye socket. He realized he was dreaming. He had dreamt before but this dream, he could remember every detail. He shook his head to remove the water drops from his eye socket. He remembered his wife’s picture. He thought had seen a butterfly sitting on her shoulder, and she was pointing at the butterfly. He smiled.