Natasha Gayari, another friend from Bangalore Writers Workshop wrote this fabulous piece on her Facebook page. I am glad that she shared this piece with me. Two friends meet over coffee on a rainy day in Bangalore, and…

“You’re still the same.” My friend leans back on her chair and smiles.

I smile with her, and look around the café. The last few visitors of the day seem relaxed, like the evening that has slowed down. There’s less traffic and noise outside. But the sky across the low brick wall around the café looks dark, and dense.

Marriage and motherhood have changed my friend. Her body and mind. They work differently now. The body has accumulated fat loosened over the years. And her mind – it’s never in the present, constantly traveling elsewhere, where her children are or her husband is.

“I envy you.” She sips watermelon juice from a plain glass with a straw.

I stir dark coffee. My body doesn’t have flab. And my mind – it doesn’t travel too far away to any place, to anyone, except when I’m at my computer, typing about imaginary characters and their lives. At times though, it dives deep in the sea of memory, looking for some place, or a person.

Raindrops start pelting on the window panes, one by one. A young couple halts at the entrance of the café, their expressionless faces staring at the wind-blown syngoniums along the wall. Or maybe at the deserted pavement. The rain falls harder, on the glass panes and the roof. In a rhythmic randomness. The sound feels familiar. And my mind takes off, to another time and place. That sound. That’s the only thing I know at the moment, that hasn’t ever changed.

Abstract art by SerSon Art

Natasha Gayari, the author of this piece lives in Bangalore. She works in an IT organization where she markets content. She practices Yoga religiously, and also helps run August Yoga. She blogs at