Coastal Kerala – Alappuzha (Alleppey) – ALLOVERIST

After five days in Kochi, I traveled to Alleppey. The lush green Alleppey is known as the gateway to the backwaters of Kerala, as per Tripadvisor, and I have to agree. It has waterways which is used by the locals to get to their workplace, children use the public boats to go to school. This is where the famous annual boat race happens in August (I was three months late to it).

My stay at Vedanta in Fort Kochi was nice enough for me to book a room at Alleppey too. They are one of the best travel hotels in India, and you ought to use them when you are in Kerala. I hope they open more hotels in India. But call them ahead before traveling.

Walk to Alleppey beach

After my lunch, I decided to walk to the beach which is 4 KM from Vedanta. This is the canal where the house boats start if you take it. This canal is the biggest and is located right next to the Ramada, and this is where the annual boat race happens.

There are boatmen who take visitors on two hour trips, and there are public boats too which the locals use to get to work, home. Public boats are the least expensive option as they go to villages around Allappey.

This is how Allappey looks when it rains. It started raining when I was walking to the beach. I took shelter near a hotel.

Kerala is passionate of these two men. Mohanlal (with the shotgun), and Mammootty (the man in the blue poster). Versatile actors they both, their movies are brilliant, so make some time to watch at least of their movies and you’ll see how good they are.

Hmm…variety. Small restaurants in Kerala have display cases like this. I stopped for a tea, thank you.

Road to the beach. There are many coir factories on the way which Allappey is famous for.

Yup, trains always have the right of way.

Alleppey beach at last. The beach was almost empty because of the rains.

Remains of an ancient pier.

Remains of an ancient pier.

Remains of an ancient pier.

India Coffee House, Alleppey beach

The Indian Coffee House is a restaurant chain run by a series of employee co-operative societies. I had a strong coffee here before I headed to my room.