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Our whole life we talk about discipline. However, discipline without concern about the environment is not an honest approach. I looked up some simple ways to improve our habits concerning the environment. Here are some of the ways for a green living.

  1. Unplug all the devices and turn off all the lights and fans before leaving home.
  2. Plug all the devices into a single power strip to save power.
  3. Turn off water when not required. Do not turn on the tap when you are brushing your teeth or washing dishes. Leakages should be fixed. A dripping tap can waste over 20,000 liters of water a day.
  4. Sell all the old newspapers and magazines to recycling. This way you earn some pocket-money.
  5. Switch to using e-mails instead of paper mails. This will save a lot of trees.
  6. Walking, instead of using your vehicle to travel short distances will save fuel, and get us some exercise.
  7. Use cloth bags when you have to shop. Avoid accepting or carrying plastic bags, we all know it is harmful to the environment.
  8. Switch from regular bulbs to Compact Fluorescent lamp, and they last ten times longer than ordinary bulbs.
  9. Collect garbage and trash it in the bin instead of throwing it in an open field. Put it into the garbage collectors truck so that it is safely disposed into a government authorized recycling center.
  10. Do not run a dish washer and your washing machine unless it is absolutely full.
  11. Plant trees and keep potted plants at home as it will absorb all the carbon dioxide and replenish the place with oxygen.
  12. Carry and keep water bottles with you as it will help avoid buying water bottles.
  13. Carpooling to work is a good strategy, and it will save a lot of fuel. Check out for organizations which have started carpooling in your city or else take initiative.
  14. Finish things which are necessary like checking e-mails, replying to them, and post on your blog before you decide to browse the web. This will cut unnecessarily expenditure of time in front of your computer and it also saves power.