Core Beliefs about Life – INSPIRATION ALLOVERIST

The shy employee woke up every morning and read the Core Beliefs about Money before he did anything else, but it seemed pointless to him. How could chanting these few words make him any money? What he did not know was that those words did not make money, but could train his subconscious to see money differently. At office whenever he went by Shravan’s cubicle he would put his head down. He had framed the things he had written. He decided to return the frame to Shravan. He walked into Shravan’s cubicle and kept the frame on his desk. His eye caught the wallpaper on his computer screen. It was Shravan’s core beliefs about life.

After reading it, the shy employee put the frame back in his coat. Before leaving Shravan’s cubicle, he took a picture of the words on the wallpaper.