Core Beliefs About Money – ALLOVERIST

Shravan ran a successful company. He was good at making friends, selling, he was wealthy too, and well known in his circles. He was good to his employees. One day he had a skip level meeting with some employees. They spoke to him about many issues which needed to be solved.

“Why are you here”, he asked.

Many employees said things like they wanted to learn something, some said that they were here because they heard it was a good company to start their career in. Some of them were brave enough to say they didn’t have a choice. After the crowd became quiet one of the employee said, “I came because I don’t care anymore.”

Shravan spotted the employee who said it, the employee continued, “I like making money just like everyone else, I joined may schemes but somehow money evaded me. I failed at it so I came here. I lost hope about making money. You made a lot, but I don’t care if you know how hard making money is if they aren’t you. Since I am working here I will not make money anymore. I know it. So I just want to leave this meeting and get back to my desk.” The crowd became quiet.

Shravan understood what he said. He told everyone to pick a sheet of paper from the stationary section. After everyone picked up a sheet of paper, he made them wrote on it:

The employee who complained about money did not understand this exercise.

“This is a small exercise I did everyday. I went after learning experience, not after money. First off believe money is a friend, and believe you can earn it legally”, said Shravan. He wished the employees the very best, and ended the meeting before telling the employee who complained to come and see him when he was free.