Curse of the Copulating Idol – Part 1 (Introduction) – ALLOVERIST

Disclaimer: The ‘Curse of the Copulating Idol’ is a series. This is a work of fiction, product of my imagination. Any characters, or events, incidents depicted in this story is purely fictional. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. [18+]


The scientists at the ‘Indian Scientific Society’ were bewildered when they got to the village. They came to the village to study the strange occurrences in the village. The ground water in the village when tested was found to be contaminated. However, the ground surrounding the village had plenty of water, and was safe to use. There had been efforts to dig water from these ‘safe grounds’. However when the boring machines tried boring into the ground, the machines would stop working and break down. So the village since then was being supplied from a river faraway which flowed near the village but changed course few years ago. The Indian Scientific Society in fact adopted the village, and kept it under its watch.

The villagers here had unwelcomed to outsiders. So the Indian Scientific Society found it hard to approach the village in the beginning. The villagers never entertained anybody who asked them questions about their village. Another reason scientists had been interested to know about the village is that nobody in the village had been able to conceive children for the past ten years. Both men and women became infertile, and it happened without any warning. There was no mining being done anywhere near the village. So scientists thought this was a strange occurrence. Hence people stopped traveling out of the village for the fear that they may pass on this condition to others. Another feature of this village was that of the well in the center of the village. The people saw things in the vicinity of the well that can be described as evil.

The ‘Indian Scientific Society’ was successful in isolating the village from the rest of the world. When the scientists arrived at the village, their primary task was to speak to the villagers, build confidence with them and collected data. The villagers who were vigilant and unwelcoming started to speak up about what they see in the village every day. The scientists stayed far away from the village, but would travel to the village in the morning. This went on for months, and thus they blended in with the villagers. The villagers started trusting them, and then started telling them stories surrounding that village. The scientists made a full report at the end of their study.

However the report would not be submitted to the government, or made public on their website like they always did with their other projects. There were rumors among the villagers and among the Indian Scientific Society that some scientists and people involved in this study were either missing or dead.

Nobody knew the truth except for the research team. The report would be locked away in an undisclosed location by them after the words ‘Top Secret’ was stamped on it, at least that the word. Even the contents of the report were deemed classified. The ‘Indian Scientific Society’ kept denying existence of the report and even the existence of the village, sometimes even to other scientists working of the Indian Scientific Society.

A medical doctor who was not in the research team tried to uncover the secrets few years ago. He did not believe in any curse or neither the existence of the village. The curse was a hoax he believed, and the government knew about it. He claimed that it was done to silence conspiracy theorists. But as time would pass some incidents he saw made him believe the opposite, and then to suspect the study, and the curse was indeed real.

Continued in Part 2