Curse of the Copulating Idol – Part 2 (Foreplay) – ALLOVERIST

Continued from Part 1


The narrator made his way to the middle of the stage. He stood with his arms stretched, scanned the crowd, and began emphatically throwing his right arm to his side, “Many many years ago there was a girl and a boy. They were madly in love. They had made love many times, but this time it was different. One day they made her way out of the house holding hands until they reached the field. They ran through the immense field, the grass was tall enough to hide them. When the middle of the field, they stopped, and the boy pulled the girl down with him to the ground.

The boy looked at the girl’s face. They smiled at each other. They kissed and laughed for a few minutes. Their breathing grew heavy, and then her green eyes met his. The boy knew that he did not want to waste a moment. His hands moved from her hips to the button of her blouse, unhooking them while he put his lips on her neck breathing deeply. She had goose bumps on her neck. He kissed her shoulders where there were goosebumps. She loved it. He then quickly got her clothes out of his way. He caressed her breasts, she stroked him. When he was about to come she stopped stroking. He then entered her.

The hay on which she was lying on rustled. She liked the sound of it. So did he. The wind blew through the grass around them and it caused both of them to shiver. She had managed to suppress her embarrassment and she was indeed beginning to enjoy it when the boy got his hands under her lifting her back. ‘Wrap your legs around me’, he whispered to her. She did so. She flung her legs apart, she swung her legs scissoring them around his heaving back.

Feeling ecstatic he let out a groan and doubled his efforts. She lay still; she could almost hear her heart pounding. Thrilled by his efforts, the girl arched her back. Her body jerked. Both of them were oblivious to their surroundings. He had his hands at either sides of her and was thrusting hard into her. She let out a moan, smacked her lips and she let her head roll to one side. And then, the transformation began. Slowly both the boy and the girl turned into stones.”

The narrator stopped narrating and looked at the audience. Everybody was attentive. Some of them had slept. Some of them had their hands cupped on their mouth. The narrator saw some young couples make eyes. He smiled because he always saw this reaction among newly weds, and young adults. There were some who looked bored because they had heard this a lot. He scanned the audience, and when he thought he had given the audience enough time to digest the fact, he continued. “It was the curse that turned the copulating couple to turn into stone.”

Continued in Part 3