Curse of the Copulating Idol – Part 3 (The Play) – ALLOVERIST

Continued from Part 2

The Play

A collective gasp sounded in the audience, mostly from the women. He exited the stage and sat at the platform next to the stage, and then the actors entered.

‘Witnesses say you both set fire to the groundnuts we had collected to offer to the gods. I curse you both. Get out of here now you vermin. Exactly two hours from now both of you will be turned to stone’, thundered the old man with white overflowing beard. The old man was short; he had long white robes and red angry eyes. The couple on stage bowed to the old man, and to then to the crowd round the old man on the stage and walked away.

The narrator who sat on the platform next to the stage narrated the story using a cone which acted as a loudspeaker. The narrator continued, “Both the boy and the girl stood trembling after hearing the curse. They knew who had set fire to the offerings, but time was too short to reverse the curse. They had to await their fate. The curse was powerful, and the old man wasn’t about to relent even though the parents of the boy and the girl pleaded with him. The old man’s assistant took the parents to the side and told them that they have to accept this fact, or else bring in someone who could take the fall by the next two hours.

The parents offered themselves but they were an important members of the village, so some people didn’t want them to be sacrificed. They all went back home weeping and helpless. Two hours later the couple, went out of the village without saying goodbyes to their families. They went out of the village and found an empty ground with tall grass. They had a last wish which was to copulate for one last time. The girl and the boy became one for one last time and during the process the couple turned into stone. Thus the people of the village and the villages around start to call it ‘The copulating Idol.’”

Continued in Part 4