Curse of the Copulating Idol – Part 4 (Curse) – ALLOVERIST

Continued from Part 3


File photo of the village

The narrator cleared his throat. “Too much oil in my dinner today”, he joked. He continued narrating, “However the next day the priest came to know that the couple did not do any wrong, but they were set up by some jealous people in the village. The son of the secretary to the village head was seen distributing goodies to his co-conspirators. He wanted to marry the girl, but she was already with the woodcutter boyfriend. He along with his secretary father set them up. The secretary was popular among the villagers, and he knew that villagers wouldn’t dare cross him. Even if the villagers knew they wouldn’t inform on the secretary.

The dejected priest, who was also the village head declared that the copulating idol be a treasure of the village. He banished the people who set up the couple from the village. After this he also banned them and anyone from their future generations from visiting the site of the idol. He also declared to renounce the right to curse anyone from then on. But only priests in his future generations had the right to curse, or take it back. He ordered the villagers to not to disturb the idol. If done so the village would suffer and the people who directly disturbed the idol would suffer untold miseries. He also ordered the villagers to keep the idol a secret.”

The actors came on stage to do a dance sequence. Sara and Veer were sitting at the audience and watching the play. They had arrived at the village that afternoon. They were welcomed to the village by the village head, and were requested to leave the next morning. Both were bored by evening, and were in no mood to entertain the villagers. The villagers wanted to know more about the outside world, they wanted to know about the movies, about big cities. Sara and Veer patiently answered their questions. That was when they were invited to the play.

After ten minutes they were no more interested in the play either. Sara looked around the tent that was erected that accommodated the people of the village. The stage was at the center of the tent and viewers sat around it. There was a well nearby that was barricaded to prevent people from falling in. Sara and Veer got off and exited the tent. They walked out holding hands smiling at people around them. It was a full moon day and the stars around it were blurred and efforts by Sara to count them went futile.

They thought of using the washroom; however there was no washroom facility made outside.

‘Do they go home for it or what?’, asked Sara.

‘There is a school on the other side of the village. There might be a washroom there’, Veer said.

They walked out of the premises and found themselves at the well which was in the center of the village. Veer ran over to the well and unzipped. Sara tried to talk Veer out of using the well to pee.

‘They probably use it everyday. Don’t do it’, said Sara.

‘I was just joking’, said Veer and used the shrub near the well. After he finished, Sara used the nearby shrub. They were in no mood to get back to the tent after that, so they decided to take a walk in and around the village. They walked a certain distance and found a stone wall outside the village. The bearded village head had warned them from going over the wall. The villagers had skipped questions about the wall. Even the wall warned anyone from climbing over it, they climbed over it.

‘Fuck it, I am going over the wall’, said Veer.

Continued in Part 5