Curse of the Copulating Idol – Part 5 (Old Man) – ALLOVERIST

Continued from Part 4.

Old Man

‘Someone’s pool is it?’, asked Sara.

They jumped over the wall. But it wasn’t a swimming pool as Sara hoped it to be. They landed on wild grass. The leaves rustled. There was vegetation all around. Both Sara and Veer thought it was a perfect place for a smoke. They picked up, beat the bushes with the stick, and they tried to make room so that they could sit and have a smoke. They smoked the joints Veer had rolled for them, and then slowly they started to grope each other.

She sat on his lap, and they started kissing. He cupped her breasts and kissed her neck. She grabbed his belt and pulled Veer closer. Veer head a rustle of leaves, and heard someone other than Sara breathe. He stopped kissing Sara and opened his eyes. He let out a shriek and kicked his leg on the ground sending dust into Sara’s eyes and her mouth. She coughed, recovered, and looked where Veer was looking. It was the village head, the old man with the white beard. He was wearing a long white robe.

‘You scared me sir’, said Veer breathing hard. Both Veer’s and Sara’s heart was pounding.

‘This place is off limits to anyone. I told you so early this evening’, said the old man. His eyes were red, it looked like it was boiling.

‘Yes I remember, then why are you here’, said Veer. Both Veer and Sara laughed.

The old man waited until they stopped laughing.

‘You were at the play back at the village, weren’t you? I am here for my prayers. Haven’t you heard about the curse of the copulating idol?’ asked the old man.

He pushed Veer aside and then started clearing the bushes. After three minutes had passed the old man started huffing and puffing because of the effort. He was seating even though the weather was cool. After he removed the bushes, there emerged a statue. The statue that was as described in the play back in the village. The copulating statue had the woman lying down on the hay while the man’s statue was in intercourse with the woman’s statue.

Both Veer and Sara were in awe. The copulating idol was indeed real. The old man looked at them angrily. They looked at each other and sniggered.

‘What do you find so funny?’ asked the old man.

‘So this is the cursed statue those people talk about’ Veer said smiling. Sara clutched at Veer’s hand. ‘Do you believe in that?’

‘I believe that. Do not take it lightly’, answered the old man.

‘What is it doing here?’

‘It has been here for many years. And you aren’t allowed here. I doubted you from the beginning, I shouldn’t have allowed you to stay in my village.’

‘I want to smoke and do my girlfriend. This spot looks ideal for it.’

‘Off-course not. You will leave now.’

‘So should you’

‘I am not. I am from the generation of priests who have kept this place out of people’s reach. But today someone like you found it.’

‘Bullshit man. Whatever.’ Veer went on to touch the statue. The old man slapped away Veer’s hand with his stick.

‘Touching the statue is desecration.’

An irritated Veer went on to touch the statue again but this time he blocked the stick coming at him, and pushed the old man away. Veer then went on to touch the statue.

‘Look old man’, said Veer and rubbed the statue’s breasts with his hands.

The old man slapped Veer’s head and pushed him. Sara meanwhile turned into a mute spectator and was deciding what to do. Veer was however too strong and quick for the old man. He recovered and then punched the old man in the face. The old man went down hard to the ground. Veer took out another joint, lit it. He took a drag and then blew the smoke in the old man’s face who was still grimacing in pain.

Continued in Part 6