Curse of the Copulating Idol – Part 6 (Desecration) – INSPIRATION ALLOVERIST

Continued from Part 5


The old man recovered and held Veer’s ankle rather usually tight. He screamed in pain, so Sara kicked the old man in the face. The old man shrieked and rolled over. He was still on the ground, and here was Sara and Veer measuring the old man, waiting for him to make the next move. The old man was still lying on the grass, he faced them and said.

‘No please I beg of you. Please leave the place. It’s for the good of everyone’, said the old man.

‘You should have asked me nicely five minutes ago old man. Now it’s too late.’ Veer took a length of rope from a shed inside the compound and tied the old man up. He looked around in the shed and found a chisel and a hammer.

‘Look old man. Chisel and hammer. You are a sculptor huh?”

The man kept staring at the boy angrily.

“You make statues? You must have made this one.”

‘I did not make this statue but I do maintenance it. Please put everything back in my tool box and all will be forgiven. Please release me. This is dangerous.’

Both Sara and Veer took several drags from the cigarettes they rolled. Veer took his handkerchief out of his pocket, blew his nose in it and stuffed it into the old man’s mouth. Veer placed the chisel on the statue and Sara helped him by hammering the chisel. After ten minutes of work they cut off both the breasts of the statue of the woman on her back, and the erect penis of the statue of the man. He also chiseled out both the hands of the man’s statue. After the hands were chiseled out, the idol of the man crashed on the idol of the woman due to lack of support cracking the idols in several places.

‘You son of a bitch, you destroyed the idol, said the old man crying. Tears rolled down his eyes. ‘Do you know my forefathers had prevented it from being destroyed? Now it’s all gone. You could not respect a simple request coming from an old man. Could you?’

Sara and Veer laughed out. ‘That was fun. The story is crap, so is the statues’, said Veer. Both were tired by the time the idol was destroyed.

The old man was breathing hard and venting. The old man said, ‘you, Veer and Sara have freed the couple from their curse. They will now cross over peacefully and without hindrance.’ Wind blew and strange animal noises began reverberating in the area. After sometime everything went quiet. ‘But you have brought upon a curse on this village. There will be drought, and other miseries in this village. Sara and Veer, from now on you will be condemned.

You will live a miserable life and you can never live in peace. Your own parents, your people will disown you.’ The old man was muttering something, Sara thought it was a curse. Sara and Veer kept looking open mouthed. They did not reply to the old man. They ran, jumped over the wall, they gathered their bags, and got out of the place, and ran to their car. Even from a distance they could still hear the old man read out the curse.

Veer sat at the driver’s seat of his SUV, and revved the engine. He floored the accelerator and took the same way out of the village he used in the afternoon, through the woods. They drove towards the highway. When they reached the highway, they found it was dark, and the streetlights were off. Sara looked to her left and saw the trees pass. Sara was shaking, and she asked Veer to slow down. But Veer did not seem to relent. The events left him shaken up.

Sara looked at the trees again, and on the trees, she saw a huge dark form jumping from tree to tree. She told Veer to look, and described it as a giant bat. When Veer looked to his left on the trees, the dark form jumped on to the side of their SUV. It had red eyes, and what Sara thought she was pure evil. Veer thought he could shake it off, and turned to his left. The SUV hit a small mound, and sent the SUV airborne. The SUV landed on its right, and toppled three times. Everything went black for Sara and Veer.

Continued in Part 7