Curse of the Copulating Idol – Part 7 (Diagnosis) – ALLOVERIST

Continued from Part 6

The Diagnosis

In a facility unknown to most people somewhere near Haryana, Dr. Singhal, the chief scientist of the facility entered his office and greeted Dr. Vagish. Dr. Vagish seemed to be in a hurry to meet Dr. Singhal. He came to his office and had called Dr. Singhal and asked him to come to the office. Dr. Singhal was one of the specialists among the team of scientists. He was a specialist in dangerous and rare diseases. Dr. Vagish, a head of a hospital and a diagnostic facility was also a close friend of the scientist. As Singhal entered he ignored the boy and the girl who were standing behind a transparent door. He reached out to Vagish and shook hands with him.

‘You sounded frantic on the call. You said you have something to show me. What seems to be the problem?’ asked Dr. Singhal.

‘Yes’, he said and came straight to the point, ‘I would like you to meet Sara and Veer’ said Dr. Vagish pointing at the boy and the girl behind the glass door.

The scientist looked at the boy and the girl and nodded his head, he pointed at the boy and said, ‘Mr. Veer’ and then he pointed at the girl and nodded his head ‘Ms. Sara, would you two want to have a cup of coffee?

Dr. Vagish put a hand on the chief scientist’s shoulder and said, ‘Coffee is not the issue here. Actually…’


Dr. Vagish said pointing at the girl, ‘that is Veer, he was a boy’, and then he pointed at the boy and said, ‘that is Sara, and she was a girl’.

Dr. Singhal shot a quizzical glance at Dr. Vagish.

‘They had a sex exchange. No one knows how it happened.’

‘What do you mean no one knows how it happened?’

‘You know all about this don’t you? You were looking for them. Their parents abandoned them, and you offered to take them.’

‘What are you talking about Vagish?’

‘Off-course, how could their parents ever keep them? It would ruin their political career.’

Sara and Veer were children of well known politicians. Sara’s father was to be the CM of Haryana, and he needed Veer’s father to align with him to get the majority to form government after the election. Besides it took me a lot of trouble from keeping their secret from the public, and the media. If the public come to know what their children are involved in, they would lose confidence in Sara and Veer’s politician parents. Both their mother have no choice but to accept the fact that their children are social and political liabilities.’

‘Come to know about what? What are the children involved in?’

‘They came to me after escaping from their parents Singhal. Actually you should be thankful to me. I brought you to them.’

Dr. Singhal was left open mouthed. He stuttered and asked, ‘Is it?’

‘Yes’, answered Vagish. ‘They also turned deaf and dumb before we reached here. Their last words were, “gau”, and “idol”. They were also involved in an accident. They have bruises over them. Sara’s domestic help said they both saw shadowy figures all the time, tormented them in their sleep too.’

‘Thank you doctor. You may leave the kids here’, said Singhal tapping Vagish on his shoulder.

Vagish freed himself and said, ‘I know what you and your team are working on. It’s the cursed village isn’t it?’

‘Really? I don’t know what you are talking about’, said Dr. Singhal and looked away from him.

‘We have worked together before. We have been friends since a long time. I know it when you keep something away from me Singhal. I know about the curse of the copulating idol. You cannot deny its existence to me.’

Singhal shot a surprised glance at the medical doctor.

‘Do you know about the people who set up the lovers and were banished from that village?’ asked Vagish.

Singhal stood straight and became attentive to what the doctor said.

Vagish took a step towards Singhal and said, ‘My family believes in the story. There are stories that were circulating down in my family about the cursed idol. I thought it was a myth but now I know it is real. These children must have desecrated the idol. How else would you explain this? I need an in on your team. If not for me you would have never got to meet these kids.’

Continued in Part 8