Fear of Success – Final Part – ALLOVERIST

Continued from Part 3

“Ahhh…” My aunt stammered.

“Of course you won’t I am sure. You have good self confidence and I have not seen you having a fear of failure.”

My aunt just looked at me with sad eyes. I ignored it and continued, “I agree with you Amrita that women are setting a bad trend for their own gender. I hope people I know and love among the women in my life will not do such a thing.”
“And think about this, these are the same women who teach their children that fear of failure is just a thought in our minds. Women are the ones who teach their children to accept change and to go ahead with confidence yet they worry over issues which even they know are petty and in the end mere excuses to not take up positions of authority in their organisation. The truth is that the need of the time is more women deciding to take up higher positions in organizations for the benefit of all. It is time to set an example and prove that we do not suffer from a fear of success or failure.”

We both walked out after a few minutes having finished our breakfast and our mission after taking my aunt and uncle’s permission to leave. To my extreme joy I received a call from my Uncle informing me that my Aunt had decided to take up the opportunity and the higher responsibilities for the greater good of women and for herself as she had worked hard to get this opportunity. She had decided to work trample her fear and accept the challenges which lay ahead.

“Fear of success/failure is one of the main reasons why people do not let themselves grow and even after being qualified and worthy they remain sufferers of their own limiting belief system. Change always brings in growth and does us a world of good. Let us embrace it with both hands and move ahead to see our own success which we rightly deserve.”

The End

Written by Vicky R.

Posted on Facebook by Noothan Rao. She agreed when I requested to use it in my blog. Noothan Rao is an Internationally Certified Handwriting Analyst and a Counselor. She lives in Bangalore with her family. She loves to travel.