Fear of Success – Part 1 – ALLOVERIST

“Hello Uncle,” I said touching my uncle’s feet and hugging him.

“How are you son?” My uncle inquired looking at my face intently.

“I am good uncle. This is my friend Amrita,” I said as Amrita had come along with me.

“Hello,” My uncle greeted her as they shook hands.

“Come on in,” Uncle invited us inside his flat.

“It’s been a long time,” My aunt who came towards the door cried.

“Not so long sweetheart,” I said affectionately and hugged her tight. She was my mother’s sister and my first love.

“You have lost weight,” She said with tear clad eyes.

“It always seems so to you,”

“And who might this pretty girl be?”, my aunt said noticing Amrita.

“She is my friend.”

“Come in please,” My aunt said realizing we were still standing at the doorway.

Theirs was a two bedroom flat which was filled with warmth. I loved this place and it was open for me to come and stay anytime. For my aunt I was her first child.

“How are you aunty?” I asked as soon as we were seated on the sofa in the living room.

“How do I look?”

“Sexy but… there are dark circles under your eyes. Uncle giving you trouble?” I asked jokingly.

“Actually he is, coming to think of it,” My aunt replied with a twinkle in her eye.

“You both aunt and nephew have forgotten that we have a guest with us.”

“Oh yes. I am really sorry. Amrita what would you have?”

“Nothing please,” Amrita replied.

“Let us all have coffee with cookies,” My uncle heartily declared.

“Definitely.” I said and I got up to go with my aunt but my aunt forced me to sit down and went into the kitchen all by herself.

“You should definitely try the coffee my aunt makes. It tastes super,” I exclaimed proudly to Amrita.

“That it does. So how’s the business going on son?”

“Going very well uncle.”

“I really admire your courage in starting something of your own.”

“Thank you. Uncle is something troubling Aunty?” I enquired as the dark circles under her eyes were something which had come very recently.

My uncle responded by giving me a letter. It was actually a corporate letter from the company my aunt worked at. The letter stated that she was being offered an opportunity to travel abroad for three months to learn more about processes in her field and on return she would be promoted to the post of Senior Manager with a substantial increase in pay. She was offered a guest house and other benefits if she agreed to go abroad.

“This is simply awesome uncle. This calls for a celebration,”

“Now read this,” my uncle said handing me another letter without joining in my excitement.

A handwritten letter written by my aunt. It was a letter of resignation.

Written by Vicky R.

Posted on Facebook by Noothan Rao. She agreed when I requested to use it in my blog. Noothan Rao is an Internationally Certified Handwriting Analyst and a Counselor. She lives in Bangalore with her family. She loves to travel.