Fear of Success – Part 3 – ALLOVERIST

Continued from Part 2

My uncle and I nodded our heads in agreement.

My aunt served us the breakfast with coffee and cookies. I did not know where to start but decided to just take the plunge.

“So Amrita what do you do?” My aunt asked her.

“I am a Handwriting expert and counselor,” Amrita replied.

“And a very good one at that,” I said immediately with pride.

“Amazing.” My aunt echoed her praise in too.

“This powa is very good,” Amrita said to my aunt.

“Thank you,” My aunt accepted the compliment.

After this the conversation drifted to a few random things until Amrita started to talk on women’s issues and said to me, “You know I am very unhappy these days,”

“Why?” I asked with a puzzled look.

“It is because of the women in our society today,”

“Women. I am sorry I am not following you,”

“See all these issues that women face today are because of women in turn. Women are disrespected after marriage at their in law’s place because their mother suffered the same thing at her place. So their daughters too take the injustice after they get married. They talk of women being unsafe yet women are the ones who stop their daughters from going to self defense classes.”

“I am following you now. Go on,”

“You know recently in the papers I read that corporations are working on hiring more women so that the ratio of men and women becomes equal in their company. But what is the point?”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s the point in hiring women because today’s women especially the ones with good amount of experience are setting a new trend which will be harmful for the upcoming generation,”

“And that is?”

“The women in their late thirties and early forties are offered positions of managers and above but they do not take it,”

“I agree it is a bad trend which is forming. But I fail to understand why they do so,”

“They do so because they are afraid of success. What i mean is that they are afraid of the changes the success brings,”

I looked at my aunt from the corner of my eye and saw that she was engrossed in our conversation and I replied, “Afraid?”

“Yes they are scared of the changes that comes with these new opportunities and higher positions. They are scared of who will take care of their house, they are worried of the fact that things may go out of hand, and some of them even think it may change them from the person they are…” Amrita went on for a minute more with reasons.

“Come on give me a break. Aunty would you do such a thing?” I turned it all onto my aunt.

Written by Vicky R.

Posted on Facebook by Noothan Rao. She agreed when I requested to use it in my blog. Noothan Rao is an Internationally Certified Handwriting Analyst and a Counselor. She lives in Bangalore with her family. She loves to travel.