Finding your niche simply means doing something specific, a segment of a particular area of interest. For example, in the Hospitality industry, guest relations form a niche. Finding your niche is something which fits your interest and which can be something that gives you a kick. If you can find the right niche inside a big industry or market you have a good chance of building a career you like, or a business that you are happy about.

Everybody have skills and the potential to do something they like. Everybody has the intelligence, and the ability to pursue something unique. People who follow their niche must have known what they are good at, and they plan their career accordingly. They do not get confused and drift away after they set goals. They don’t get carried away by outside influences, short term gains, and they are not afraid of making mistakes.


People who follow their niche would have a high self esteem, would be confident, and are comfortable with their decisions. They do a Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat (SWOT) analysis at every stage. So they would know what their strengths and their weaknesses are. That is how they find their niche.

It is essential that you choose something that will not only bring success and money, but also satisfaction of doing something you love about. People take up a particular career, get dissatisfied and then realize they are not following their niche. People follow their niche by opting for a career because they have a passion for it, and not because someone else is doing it. Following your niche will make you comfortable and confident.