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Bilingual Workforce

With globalization, companies are striving to reach to far corners of the globe. Having bilingual employees in the workforce can bring benefits to your company. Studies show that bilingual people are multi taskers, and have excellent communication skills. Any company looking to have global reach should have at least five bilingual employees on their payroll.

Importance of Hiring Bilingual Speakers

The most common language combination nowadays is English/Spanish because Spanish is the most widely spoken. However, Chinese, German and French speakers are also also being sought after. So if you are a job seeker, start looking for the best language school in your neighborhood, and if you are a recruiter or a business organization bilinguals come in handy, weather you are hiring bilinguals long term or short term. Bilinguals will eventually rule the job market, coupled with their degrees they could be of great help to your business. Here is a small list of the advantages of hiring bilingual candidates:

1. International Reach

Bilingual employees know the difficulties that may arise between groups belonging to two different cultures. They can speak their own language, and are knowledgeable about their native country’s culture, which is always an advantage when dealing with international clients. Your bilingual workers can assess what reactions are coming through from people in the target country. For example, they can write a post targeting a country that speaks a different language. Targeting a post to a country is more successful than a general post. They call it geotargeting, and bilinguals can help you make geotargeting a success.

2. Bilinguals Help Localize

if you hire a bilingual employee that proofreads your content it will save you money that otherwise you might invest in an outside firm that specializes in bilingual proofreading services. You instead can use your staff member to proof read the translation of the content of the website, and can adapt it to localize it. This can help your business to give an error free copy, helping your brand establish trust in the country that you want to operate, and also increasing its reputation.

3. Multitasking

Bilingual people have no trouble switching between two different tasks quicker than lot of people who are monolinguals. People who spoke several languages could process information faster and more efficiently than monolinguals. These days business organizations look for bilingual people who can multi task.

4. Save Cost

A bilingual employee can help your company bring down expenses by helping you close the change of hiring a bilingual employee. They can help you work on a project that needs many languages with no extra cost. All you have to do is identify or hire a bilingual employee.

5. Bilinguals Have Good Communication Skills

Research has shown that people who can speak multiple languages process information quickly, efficiently than monolinguals. Their communication skills is also good making them ideal to hire them and take their help as they are able to distinguish from relevant from irrelevant.

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