Hobby of the Bangalore’s Affluent – ALLOVERIST

Golf was invented in Scotland in the 15th-century. Scotland has some of the world’s oldest golf courses. It looks simple where the golfer tries using a golf club to hit a ball into a hole. However, it takes lot of practice to be a professional.

The Game of the Affluent

Golf clubs are of three types which are wood, iron and putters. There are differences between each clubs and it effects the distance the ball goes after it is hit. There are many golf tournaments in the world today. This sport is today known as the hobby of the rich.

Golf in Bangalore

Bangalore has the most golf courses than any city in India. Many professional golfers from India start their golfing career here. The well known and well equipped Bangalore Golf club (BGC) which is located at Sankey road and Karnataka Golf Association (KGA) near airport road are the two premier destinations of golfers.

Many people of Bangalore are taking up golf, either as a sport or a recreational activity. Some show up for a round of golf for networking, and some professionally. Golf academies have come up, and they are teaching school kids. Golf which is a sport of the elite is also attracting people of all classes. I know a person who despite being poor, while working as a caddie, took time to learn the sport. He, however did not join to play the game, but he learnt the sport anyway.

Even though only the rich can afford, there have been serious golfers who have put in all their life savings to learn the sport, and excel at it. We have had a finalist in the 2016 Olympics. Aditi Ashok is in her teens, but she came 52nd at the finals in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Some of the golf clubs in Bangalore: