Idu Namma Bengaluru – ALLOVERIST

Bengaluru is a city of villages, and every village has a story of its own. It has many names. Bendakalooru, a name given by a king who got offered boiled beans; Bangalore, as the British called it; Bengaluru, as the government wants to know it by. Over the years development joined almost all the villages to form Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka. Surveys published in the print media have ranked Bangalore at the top among all the cities in India. Bengaluru, the IT capital of this country, is grown into a large metropolis, with recognized educational institutions, software companies, aviation, defense organisations, the IISC, also a paradise for budding entrepreneurs, and businessmen, with a healthy social culture. We have an awesome new airport, and awesome parks.

The Founder of Bengaluru

Bangalore, like Rome was not built in a day. It has a history of more than 5000 years. Roman traders while traveling around for trade stopped here, and left behind some of their coins for archaeologists to find in the modern era. Bangalore was established in the year 1537 by Kempe Gowda. In the years to come, Bangalore became a commercial hub where traders showed up to do business. A history buff, and its residents would love to research more about the rise of Bangalore.

The Weather

The weather is cool most days of the year. My mother remembers Bangalore being colder than it is now, misty in the morning, and sunny only in the afternoon. But development has changed the ecology in the city. Despite Bangalore being a part of the Kingdom of Mysore, the Brits had offices here. After independence, the Indian government established many public organizations here. One reason is the weather, and another is that it is far away from the borders of China and Pakistan.

The Culture

There is a good music scene in Bangalore, both traditional and modern. The food is unique to this region. English spoken, culturally and historically fascinating. There is no way Bangalore has no effect on you. People from all over have managed to make this city home. Authors, artists, entrepreneurs, social and political figures, and some exotic animals have lived, and continue to live here.

Living in Bengaluru

So the amenities we have is of standard quality, right? The city, however, faces traffic congestion like nowhere else, and the cost of living is higher. Bad infrastructure, water issues, garbage problem, bad city administration, metro project going at a slow pace, are some of the challenges today of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). There is corruption and scams right here in Bangalore. Civic administration is crumbling. The number of parks and lakes which Bangalore had in plenty is depleting. How a city makes money, and how fast the city grows out of its existing boundary does not determine its growth, but the improvement of quality of its citizens does. Quality of life improves by clean air, water, quality of air, and other different measures.

Every resident should pitch in to maintain this city, not just the city corporation. Nonetheless a great city to which everyone’s welcome and contribute.