The seventh largest country is often intimidating to both locals and foreign travelers. Its many languages, culture, food, people challenges you no matter who you are. Like many large countries, you cannot fix an itinerary. If you don’t know what you want and where you want to go, but want to explore this is the country you want to be. India is a mixed bag, not only for tourists, but also for Indian citizens.

Highlights of my travel here in a month


Karnataka is a South Indian state, it is the eight largest in India, and the largest in South India. Kannada is the main language in the state although there are people of many ethnicities, and different language speakers living here. It has a coast, the plains, and the plateau.

Hampi                                                                Source: Thrilliophilia


Five Places Created For Special Purposes

Eight Suburbs Named After Non-Humans

The Citadel of Devanahalli

Bannerghatta Biological Park

The Lalbhagh Flower Show

Catch a Play at the Ranga Shankara

Temple for the Krishna Conscious

Hobby of the Bangalore’s Affluent

The Only ‘Buy an Aircraft’ Store

Idu Namma Bengaluru


Living in Mangalore


Kerala is a South Indian state known as the ‘Gods Own Country’. I had a chance to travel in Kerala in 2014. Known for the spices, curries, and fish, it is one of the richest states in the country.


Houseboat                                                               Source: Tourism of India


Coastal Kerala – Fort Kochi

Things to do in Kochi

More Things to do in Kochi


Coastal Kerala – Alappuzha (Alleppey)

Coastal Kerala – Alappuzha 2


Coastal Kerala – Varkala


Maharashtra is the biggest economy in India, is on the Western coast where one of the biggest city in the world is located. The capital city of Maharashtra is also the financial capital of the country. But that is not what it is entirely known for. There are ancient sites, attractions that could puzzle anybody.


Elephanta Caves                                                   Source: Memorable India


Enduring The Maximum City

Enduring The Maximum City – Part 2

Enduring The Maximum City – Part 3

Maximum City Stories

The Chinatown

Buddhist Temple of Worlinaka

Bombay in Photographs

Photographs – 2