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The Devanahalli fort

A visit to the Chinese temple at Mumbai.

Visited the Japanese Buddha temple at Mumbai.

Continued from Part 1 It’s only fair to share.

See what I saw in Mumbai.

Boys study an ant hill for their science project, but the ants are out to defend their home and keep their secrets secret.

The haunted village, and how it happened to be so.

Curse of the Copulating Idol. Read about the price Sara and Veer pay for desecrating the idol.

Sara and Veer have a sex exchange and are brought to a secret lab.

Sara and Veer find the copulating idol.

Sara and Veer watching the play about the copulating idol decide to take a stroll.

The couple will be cursed because someone was jealous of them.

Couple turn into stone while making love.

A village where strange occurrences has been taken over by the Indian Scientific Society to study the strange happenings surrounding the village.

Officer Vijay was the first to arrive at the scene. The victim here was a prominent businessman. No one expected the controversial businessman…

Two brothers fighting for over a morsel of noodles which isn’t properly divided between the two.

Noises made by your neighbors. What would you do?

Written in a child’s voice. It is about a hyper active kid documenting his thoughts.

Continued from Part 3 It’s only fair to share.

Continued from Part 2 It’s only fair to share.