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Karnataka is a South Indian state, it is the eight largest in India, and the largest in South India. Kannada is the main language in the state although there are people of many ethnicities, and different language speakers living here.

Bangalore – Capital of Karnataka

Known as the garden city of India, it was part of the erstwhile Kingdom of Mysore. It is the capital of the state of Karnataka, hope to many successful Information technology and Biotech companies.

Five Places in Bangalore Created For Special Purposes

Eight Bangalore Suburbs Named After Non-Humans

The Citadel of Devanahalli

Bannerghatta Biological Park

The Lalbhagh Flower Show

Catch a Play at the Ranga Shankara

Temple for the Krishna Conscious

Hobby of the Bangalore’s Affluent

The Only ‘Buy an Aircraft’ Store in India

Idu Namma Bengaluru


Mangalore is a coastal city in Karnataka. It is part of the Tulu Nadu area, where the predominant language is Tulu. The coastal city has good educational institutions, beaches, food, a different culture than the rest of Karnataka.

Living in Mangalore