Mangalore Sea

The coastal city of Mangalore in the state of Karnataka, India has white sandy beaches, history dating back to the pre historic era, and great people. It is one of the chief port cities of India. Living and growing up in Mangalore was nice, but not too restrictive. People are satisfied with what they have. Kids were not encouraged to go out on their own to discover themselves. There was not much a child would do to learn some new skills like parasailing, diving. However, I see a lot of changes in the lifestyle of people of Mangalore these days.

Children these days have better opportunities than we had. The population of Mangalore is small compared to the capital cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, which means people have lot of space. It is one of the few cities in India that does not have a slum. People there have huge pieces of real estate, less pollution, and hence longer life span. There is a lot of green cover since “development” has not caught up.


Lots of people are making a living in Mangalore. There has been a lot of brain drain from Mangalore. There are people who have moved elsewhere, most of them go to Mumbai, Bangalore, or to the Middle East, and have made it big. So the population of Mangalore has decreased. Because there are less people living than before, facilities are upgraded at a slow pace. However, these days Mangalore is seeing a startup culture, people would love to set up and live here. The only downside to living in Mangalore is it is too humid.

What’s in Mangalooru?


The Gadbad icecream at Pabbas

Mangalore being a coastal city meant that we had access to its beautiful beaches. There are lighthouses along the coast. One can climb to the top of the lighthouse to get a glimpse of the activity down below, and also get far away views into the ocean. There are lot of things to do in Mangalore. The first thing that comes to mind is the Mangaladevi temple, the local deity. The name for the city was derived from the deity.

There are other temples in the city namely Kodyadka, Kadri Manjunatha temple, Gokarnanatheshwara temple, St. Aloysius Chapel, and the Milagres Church. Thanks to the Portuguese there is a quite a good number of Christian culture in Mangalore, and hence Christmas is celebrated here. The city is all lit up during Christmas. Krishna Janmashtami is the most colourful of the festival celebrated here. People forming human pyramids and beating open mud pots containing curds.

Another piece of history one can see here are the fortifications on the River Gurupura built by Tipu Sultan, the former ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. He built it after he was successful in taking Mangalore for a brief period of time after successful raids, to wade British advances into Mangalore through the Gurupura River. The famous Tannirbhavi beach is near this place, and is accessible by ferry for a meagre fee of Rs.5 or $0.075. Another beach tourist frequent is the Panambur beach which is close to the Mangalore harbor. There is a lot of crowd and noise during the kite festival, and in the evenings. Foodstalls are aplenty, and there jet-skis as well. Every year there is a kite festival here.

Mangalore and Away

There are many day trips from Mangalore as well. A one-hour bus ride will take you to Udupi, a temple town. This town is sacred to Hindus because there is a Sri Krishna temple where devotees throng. There are many other temples, and ashrams near it. A ten-minute bus ride will take you to Manipal, a university town. The university grew bigger and became a small town where people from all over the globe come to study. It is one of the best universities in India, and there is a huge student crowd in this town.

Tourists who go to Manipal can see the university by walk. Manipal is a huge area, and the attractions are far from each other. So it is wise to hire a taxi or an auto rickshaw. There is a temple which has Hindu, Islam, and Christian architecture, and people from different religions come here to worship. Not far away from the main building is the Anatomy Museum. A thirty minute bus ride will bring you to Malpe, a small town with a finishing port. Saint Mary’s Island, and the Malpe beach is a boat ride from here. The charge for the ride is Rs. 150 per head. The Saint Mary’s Island is famous for its rock formation, and there are many Kannada movies showing it.



Mangalore cuisine Source: Indian Express

Mangalore has a great food culture, consisting mostly of seafood. My favourite restaurant is for sea food is the Narayan’s. This little restaurant has the best Seer fish fry you could eat. This place will not disappoint foodies. Some of the food to try in Mangalore is the Fish Pulimunchi, Chicken Ghee Roast, Kundapuri Chicken. After this head out to Pabbas ice cream shop for desserts.