Shravan came on time for the meeting. This was the first time he had asked to meet all the interns at his company. He saw bored faces.

“Bored are you? Ok let me give you a speech. If you all can hear me, please clap for me, thank you.”, said Shravan to the interns who chuckles in response. “Let me introduce myself, but I won’t yet, and before I ask for your introductions, I would like to say something about managing time”.

Shraran continued, “Keeping your mind focused in spite of multiple demands in your daily life is important. Developing innovative solutions to a multitude of complex problems is the hallmark of a successful individual. Our greatest challenges are effectively completing a task that is handled by a large number of people in a business organization. You will all know it all.

The most productive people are those who concentrate on accomplishing a specific task from the start to finish. They maintain focus by asking themselves ‘what next?’ and move on to the next task.

However inevitably, we all have to multitask at some point of the day. The first step to accomplishing more in less time is to maintain control over things around you rather than become stressed by it. There are certain points I can think of:

1) Focusing on obtaining specific results:-

Focus on one task at a time and stay focused on the task. Set specific time frame to achieve the task. Eliminate anything that may distract you. Close the door in your work area. You are bound to be distracted in a work area where you have many people. You need to keep track of the task at hand.

2) Seeking alternative ways to finish tasks:-

Spending more time trying a method on a task doesn’t always result into higher productivity. Rather try working on different strategies. Take a break, step away from your desk, and think about an idea which struck you while coming to work.

3) Unloading your thoughts:-

Free up some mental space and relieve anxiety by doing something which is not mentally strenuous. Go to the sports room to play a game of badminton or table tennis, or go to the library. This clears your mind of stress and empowers you to take further actions”. Shravan smiled and said, “but you may not drive my car”. The interns laughed. Shravan pointed up his index finger, “and the last point is,

4) Mark where you had left off:-

You can’t stop interruptions from happening. It is difficult to re-engage on an unfinished business when you forgot where you left off. Make it easier for you by writing or marking your next step before taking that phone call. This can save lot of time for your personal time.”

He stopped, scanned the room and said, “Well that’s about what I know about managing time. Now lets introduce ourselves.”