Read ‘Enduring the Maximum City’ Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, and also look the some pictures.

My cousin came back to Mumbai from his business trip in Bangalore. We thought we will use my Day 9 to travel to Borivali National Park. My cousin had a trouble in his car and so he took his car to a mechanic, and I took a train to Vashi and thought I will wait for him at the Inorbit Mall. However the car repair took a whole day, and that was how I gave the National Park a miss. Besides it started raining in the afternoon and it did not stop. I spent the day at the mall, bought a book at the Crosswords, and read half of it. My cousin came to the mall at 6.30 PM.

What do you do when you had planned something and have no time to execute it? Drop that plan and watch a movie or two instead. We watched ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2‘, and then at the 10.30 it was ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘. Two movies and half a book wasn’t bad at all.

On Day 10, the last day in Mumbai we went up a small hill near Panvel. The path up the hill was closed due to rain, so we got off the car and walked up. Navi Mumbai has lot of hills, greenery. My estimate is that those hills will be flattened, trees will be cut, and properties will be developed in the next five – ten years. Navi Mumbai is good and eco friendly as it is today, and there should be no further development there. Develop other cities and make it immigratable just like Mumbai has been for many many years. I think this is a challenge to the new Maharashtra Government, and the Government of India.

After the hill, we went to a park called the Mango Gardens. The road to the park is next to the Belapur police station. I also made friends with a Chihuahua, and a Persian Cat at a veterinary doctor’s home. My cousin’s dog was treated by him, and my cousin and the doctor had become friends in due course. By the time we came home it was 3 in the afternoon, and it was time to pack to go back to Bangalore.

‘Hmm…I don’t think I will leave Mumbai, especially living in Navi Mumbai is awesome. There is so much greenery here’, my cousin said.

‘I will come back to Mumbai again, and lets have the Neera on the Palm Beach Road’, I said.

Maximum Itinerary

In the the picture below the note shows how the Mumbai trip was planned by my cousin for me. The small map you see in the picture is the directions to the Haji Ali. However, the high tide prevented me from taking a trip there.

The below picture shows how to identify 1st Class, 2nd Class, and the Ladies coach in the Mumbai trains. Inspite of this information, I sat in a Ladies coach at CST one time. The train just arrived at the station, and I boarded it without checking the inscription. A woman entered the coach, saw me, and screamed at me. I think she was a fisher woman. She had a basket with her.

‘Ayeeee, kya karta hai idhar?’

While I was checking where did the ‘ayeeee’ come from, she continued, ‘Ladies ka dabba (coach) hai yeh. Pakdagaya tho fine bharna padega.’

I made this list. it is about the nearest stations to the landmarks that I wanted to visit, and also their addresses.

So is this. I couldn’t make it to the Japanese School, Theobroma, Borivali National Park, and the Elephanta Caves. Perhaps the next time.