Continued from Mech

Shaftroka had read in the archives section of the National Geographic magazine about humans undergoing bypass surgeries to get new organs so that they could get better. So he wanted to have a change in his parts as well. He had a human heart and a human brain installed in him. He had done this procedure on him all by himself as it was illegal to have human organs in a robot. He was the first and the only robot he knew that had undergone such a procedure. After the procedure he had learnt that the power source did not make the heart work, but his heart made his power source work. At least that was what he thought happened to him.

Ever since the operation, strange things happened to him. He fell in love with nature, he also behaved just like a human. He also began dancing, singing, looking for a source of entertainment which no other robot was able to do. And then he fell in love with Mino. ‘I will dismantle myself for you, and assemble myself. I will run around the world for you. I will rip off my memory, and put it back in for you’, Shaftroka had emphatically told Mino on one occasion.

‘I will remember you even with my memory erased. I have something else which will help me remember’, said Shaftroka referring to the human brain he had.

‘Robots cannot do that’, Mino replied.

‘Look Mino, I may be an old first generation of robots and you may be the latest third generation of robots but I still love you. You may see me as inferior but it doesn’t at all matter to me. I know if we make love there will be noises that we have never heard before, but I will not cheat on you.’

Mino did not remember any noise that she could not recall. Neither did she have the authority or the interest to learn about a new one, nor did she care about his explanation about how first and third generation of robots can be friends. She made noises, but those were nothing related to love making. They were only built, assembled, and disabled. Mino batted her mechanical eyelids and walked away from him, which was the only reaction she gave him all the time. Shaftroka on the other hand was breaking all the rules robots had set for themselves. But he wasn’t just any robot. He had human emotions now. He was a creäture of emotions, but robots around him were only creatures of logic. He tried to make friends. But no robot would talk to him. He felt lonely by the minute.

Talking to another robot casually was against protocol. The city had a behavior scanner installed in every street, and in every home, and office. The behavior scanner in and around the city had scanned his behavior over the past few months. He got a letter home that reminded him of the previous letters of warnings. You have been showing human like behavior the letters said. You will need to face consequences. One day a letter came home that forbade him to leave his place of residence, or he would be hunted down.’

Shaftroka did not want to be dismantled but he also didn’t want to be away from Mino either. Yet again he ignored the letter. It was February 14 and he was getting ready to ask Mino out to dinner when he heard someone banging at the door. The door was about to be answered by him but was forced open. It was Mino at his door in a behavior control officer uniform. She was an officer at the behavior control department who dealt with robots with un-robot like behavior. Before he could say anything, she reached for his neck and pressed a button. ‘Click’, came a sound.

That was the last thing he heard. Shaftroka got dismantled instantly. Metal pieces were flung around the hall. Mino bent over and picked up a box that was once Shaftroka’s head. She opened the box, took out the memory card, his hard disk, and then proceeded to erase his memory. All that lay in front of Mino was just a heap of metal. But what is it that she saw. She hadn’t seen it before. It was Mino’s name tattooed on a human heart. And the heart was still beating.

Abstract Robot by Design You Trust

This is a work of fiction written 🙂