If you are in Bangalore now, and if you are reading this you may know about the downpour Bangalore witnessed yesterday. It had been a long time since it rained this heavy. One of the newspapers today went on to say, ‘The rain came down, and the water came up.’ While some loved the rain, some weren’t happy about it. However a friend Sivaraman Natarajan from the Bangalore Writers Workshop wrote this on Facebook. I had to share this on my blog. Read it and you’ll know why.

I alighted at the silk board bus stop. While in the Volvo, I could see that it was raining cats and dogs (and elephants?). No wonder, we were struck at the HSR BDA signal for more than half an hour. It was pandemonium all around. Clearly, frustrated drivers were venting their ire by blaring horns louder than ever. To add to the mud and slush, it was still pouring heavily.

I slowly crossed the road to move under the silk board flyover. Relatively protected, I watched the unfolding chaos. People were struggling to get into autos, not forgetting to bargain even in the rains. Next to me, a lady was selling corn and a young man, groundnuts. I could see a faint smile playing on his lips. It lifted my spirits a little.

Munching groundnuts, I began walking slowly. I remembered my earphones and put them on. Radio one, it was. It was then that I spotted her. In a sky blue cotton salwar, she was walking carefully. Tall and lean, she had firm, strong cheekbones. She was making every effort to ensure she did not slip and step on the road or the mud. With her long fingers, she gently lifted her pants so that they did not brush her flat slippers.

“Dekha ek khwab to yeh silsile hue” was playing on radio one. Seeing a thick tree stump blocking the way ahead across the pavement, she hesitated. By then I had caught up with her. She tried to step across the stump but it was too thick. “Get on it”, I ventured. She tried and on second thoughts, decided not to. I offered my hand to help. She took it and stepped on the stump. Having successfully crossed, she thanked me with a heartfelt smile before moving on.

Infrastructure can crumble all around you, horns can blare loud and the sky cry without respite. If there are moments like this once in a while, it is enough for a romantic spirit to be grateful.

Sivaraman Natarajan is a fitness freak, a cyclist. He loves going on a long ride on weekends. If you are a cyclist do get together. He is from Chennai, now living in Bangalore. Previously working at Robert Bosch, he joined Cognizant recently. is his blog. He says he doesn’t update his blog anymore. Do encourage him to do so.