There are handful of Chinese people who call Mumbai their home. Some of them left after the Sino-Indian war of 1962 due to some of them were seen as traitors, but some stayed, lived, and worked here. I walked into the bylanes of the Nawab Tank Road near the Mazgaon Dock behind the Dockyard local train station.

Some of these buildings here are used as storage, and some are residences. However the Chinese families that used to live here are now gone. The Chinese diaspora in whole of Mumbai has decreased in number. It is now a quiet and a sleepy town.

Kwan Tai Shek Temple

The Kwan Tai Shek temple. It was hard to find but it was worth a visit. That’s the unmistakable red painting on the temple.

Inside the temple. The ground floor has a temple dedicated to Guan Yin, a female deity revered for mercy, peace and wisdom.

The Cantonese sailors from Hong Kong who worked for the East India Company established this temple way back in 1919.

Sau Luk, Fuk. They are deities who represent Longevity, Authority, and Prosperity respectively.


The ceiling of the temple and the auspicious read color.

This is heaven. Devotees pray here first and then enter the sanctum because God lives here.

General Kwan Tai Kon. Chinese music plays in the background while you are there, and it is open during the day.

Fortune can be known.

Bamboo sheets which tells your fortune.

People at the Temple

“I have been to China only once”, he said. Albert Tham, the caretaker of the temple. He does a good job maintaining the temple. He answered most of my questions about the temple and the place, and he offered me biscuits and juice.

“Do you live here”, he asked.

“No. I am from Bangalore. I came to Mumbai for a break”, I said.

“Nice. You should come back. Light a incense stick, make a wish and fulfill it.”

“I definitely will.”

Anything is offered to the deity. Somebody has offered a bottle of Whiskey.

The General Kwan Tai Kon statue is wearing silk garments, and his followers know him for his ferocity, justice, and courage.

I found an amazing post, this blogger/photographer has described it all so nicely in words and in pictures. The temple is nearly 100 years old. Find the temple, and the visit for sure will be worth it. There is a Chinese cemetery behind the temple, but I could not find time for a visit