Preparing for a Good Work Life – INSPIRATION ALLOVERIST

It was reasonably late in Purab’s life at the present company to undo what happened to him. He was excited to go to work for the company when he was selected in a campus interview, but after a certain period of time of working there, he wasn’t excited anymore. He served his notice period, surrendered his badge, walked out of the gate, and stood at the tea stall thinking about his life in the company while drinking tea, all aspects of his work life at the company being scaled, weighed, and rated among one another by him.

In the last few months before he quit his productivity sloped, his self esteem dipped, and he lost out on promotion which he blamed on his colleagues who in turn cut him off. He still refused to think that he was at fault. He would have been all right in this company if at all he had:

Accepted help

Taking pride in never accepting assistance from your colleagues is not okay. You never know when you may need help. If you have difficulty performing a task, ask for some assistance, your colleagues will be glad to assist you. Purab took pride in refusing help even though he got stuck several times on a job, and thus he often submitted his work late.

Found support

Having a good relationship with colleagues at colleagues will help. But Purab was a proud man. He didn’t often talk to his colleagues about certain issues, and he often took out his frustration against by not helping them at their job.

Disclosed information about your family to his colleagues

Keep your colleagues informed about yourself and situation in your family in brief. Let your supervisor be the first to know. Because the people who depend on you who expect you to complete your assignment know what’s happening. Purab, however, took indefinite breaks, to deal with crisis situations without letting anyone know. So his colleagues did not trust him anymore.

Remembered to thank his colleagues

Thanking colleagues is a small way to give back what you have been given. If you find it difficult to express it find another way thank. Send out an e-mail or a thank you note. But Purab did not usually thank his colleagues for the work they did for him.

Planned what he said

Rehearse what you are going to say before you let know your supervisor and your colleagues about what you are going through. However kind your supervisor should be, a business exists to provide services and he needs you to meet his needs. Your colleagues will notice you when you are under stress and you need to be prepared to explain to your colleagues.

So he was unable to concentrate

When you are going through a difficult situation you will not be able to concentrate on your work because you may be thinking about it. It was the same in Purab’s case too.

Your work is something that you can do best. Take pride in your job. Purab was however was late in doing that. And so he had to quit. Maybe he will do better somewhere else.