Product of Imagination – INSPIRATION ALLOVERIST

This blog is the product of imagination, and inspiration. So are civilizations, cities, skyscrapers, machines, and all the nice things, and also not so nice things in the world. Imagination and inspiration helped create work of art, literature, deduce mathematical formulas. The future is a product of imagination. Everyone imagines the future out of hopes and fears. If we tend to focus on the good, and our hopes, we may do something constructive. On the other hand, if we project our fears into the picture of the future, which we view in our heads, it could be destructive.

The Thing about Imagination

Too often, we tend to focus on worst case scenarios about what bad things that might happen. Unfortunately, the more we focus on the worst case scenario and visualize the awful events, the more likely they might happen.


However, if you can begin to imagine something more enjoyable, fulfilling and desirable, and picture it on a regular basis, you will find yourself drawn toward bringing this “something” into being. Once you believe that this vision of your “something” is possible, then you can really train yourself to commit to creating it, and you’ll begin to take action.

Attracting Opportunities

As you act with greater optimism, enthusiasm, and purpose, you will become like a magnet, attracting into your life the ideas, people, resources, and opportunities. Besides, you will not let go of opportunities and ideas you may stumble upon. If you think you should attend a seminar or meet a person who you haven’t met, you will do so. You will hit upon an opportunity to live the “something” of your imagination.

Knowledge creator

Every piece of knowledge has some degree of imagination to it. It has helped scientists create mental images of scenarios that helped them arrive at a conclusion. So imagination is the source of everything that one can realize.

Revel in it.