It was the biggest day of the company, and Shravan was the happiest of the lot. His research was doing well. He had worked hard to get where the company was. He had already told that he was bad at making speeches and they should find someone else to do that, but they insisted that he speak. Tell us what you did to be successful they had told him. He took the mike and began, “Scientists are boring of the lot, but it is not true. We have fun too. Yes, we are getting all the money needed for our research these days. Why did I do well? I can think of some things, there are some principles I followed to stay focused, and have fun at the same time.

  1. You do not have to win all the time: People always want to win. When they lose they lose much more than happiness. Participate and do your best. Winning or losing is a part of the participation. If you win, then that is what is expected from you. However, if you lose then go for it again. You have all the time in the world to improve.
  2. Make friends: There are lots of people who are waiting to meet you and talk to you. Because they are looking for friends just like everyone is. Take advantage of opportunities to expand your network. I never relied on the internet to make friends.
  3. Minimize TV time: Watching television is great but it just takes away time you cannot get back. Let that time be used to spend with friends and people who share the same interests as you. Besides, you will find you can plan and finish things which you possibly could not be done with your TV on.
  4. Accept your uniqueness: Do you have any idea how many people need you to get work done? I guess some don’t. You have your own strengths, your own abilities and your own identity. You are unique just like me and everyone else.
  5. Do what you like: I wouldn’t have been a good cardiologist for sure. Doing what you do not want to do will possibly burn you out and exhaust you. Do the things you think you feel satisfied about. Take responsibilities at which you think you stand out at.
  6. Laugh: Who says you can play and have fun at work? Take breaks to share jokes. Don’t evaluate if the joke is good for you or not. Laugh anyway. You are missing something if you do not laugh. Laughter makes a person’s day better. It will increase productivity and satisfaction.
  7. Smile: Smile, but genuinely. Your smile will make others smile and make them happy. Be the first to smile. It will neither cost you, your time or money. It could be a start of something good. For example, it could start a relationship.
  8. Music: Music certainly had positive effects on me regardless of how hectic my days were. So listen to music.

Well, they are not rules but just guidelines. Ultimately we need to find out, and do things that make us happy. Have a happy day ever body”, said Shravan and left the stage to applause from his co-workers.