I was never tagged, but I was tempted to do this list after reading up some lists on other blogs, and on Facebook.

  1. My name Kishor means ‘a young man’ in Sanskrit, and also means the same in most of the Indian languages. (Kannada: ಕಿಶೋರ, Sanskrit: किशोर)
  2. Kishor is a name of a kibbutz (a gathering, or a collective community) in northern Israel. It was an intentional community, a settlement for individuals with Special Needs.
  3. The other famous people Kishor are Kishor Kadam, an actor, and Kishore Kumar, a singer. There are many famous Kishors out there.
  4. I was born in Vani Vilas Hospital, Bangalore in November 1986. It was the best hospital in Bangalore back then. It looks more like a palace than a hospital.
  5. I have lived in Chennai for three years, Mangalore for fifteen years, and I currently live in Bangalore.
  6. I don’t smoke. I have never tried. If you have seen me smoking, please pretend like I didn’t.
  7. I rarely drink, but when I do, I like getting giddy.
  8. I like tattoos, but I have none. Heavily tattooed people intimidate me. [Update Sept 2014: I got one. A Saraswati Veena on my forearm]
  9. I don’t see me turning vegetarian anytime soon. I gave up red meat, I rarely eat red meat. I only eat poultry, and sea food now. May be in a few years I will be a Pescetarian.
  10. I don’t have a favorite team, but still I like sports.
  11. I have a driver’s license. I can drive a car, but never drove one for the past ten years.
  12. I once entered a Bhagavat Gita recital competition, in a temple in Mangalore.
  13. While walking in the beach, my cousin, my brother, and I brought home remains (bones) of a huge fish. We displayed it in the front yard of my house for few days, and then buried it in our backyard.
  14. I would love to try farming, music, or teaching later in life, for a brief period of time.
  15. My favorite color is blue.
  16. I love animals. But I am terrified of monkeys.
  17. I would like to go on a photo adventure.
  18. I have studied Graphology. I know the art of learning about a person by the person’s handwriting.
  19. I love the nightlife, but I am more comfortable at home.
  20. I have never been a gadget freak. I am the last person you’ll ask about phones, computers, cameras, etc.
  21. I can cook but I have never used microwave.
  22. I can’t stand phone calls, either making or receiving them, but I go through with it if I have to. Ironically I worked in customer service for almost two and a half years.
  23. I don’t honk at all, and I don’t like others honking too. It irritates me.
  24. I think paper version is the best way to read, and I would disagree if you say the paper industry will fail.
  25. I love learning about anything mechanical. I am not a computer person.
  26. I love coffee. I also like fruits, fruit juices. I like water the most. So I guess I am a cheap date.
  27. I am terrible at small talk. It’s not like I don’t care to do small talk , but it totally escapes me.
  28. I skip songs while I watch a Bollywood, Sandalwood, and movies from any other Indian film industry. Saves time.
  29. I wish all my bosses I had till now were women. Until now only three out of six were.
  30. I have a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism.
  31. I love research, and gathering information.
  32. I still have my botany and zoology lab records saved with me.
  33. I like martial arts.
  34. I am an adoption supporter.
  35. I took the Tabla classes in my childhood for few months but did not continue.
  36. Winter is my favorite season.
  37. I was hit by a bus once. I came in front of the bus after getting off. The bus moved forward and hit me. Only my lunch box was damaged. I told my teacher that after I reached class.
  38. My first job was at Doordarshan, Bangalore. I worked there part time, for a quiz program.
  39. I never wanted to blog because there were millions of blogs, and billions of posts, but I was attracted to it six years ago.
  40. I started a blog on six years ago, this blog on WordPress was started four years ago. I stopped blogging after moving all the posts. I now got back to it in April 2014.
  41. The blog posts before this one were written at least five to six years ago. I kept it, but gave it some treatment.