Story: Hard Work Vs Smart Work – INSPIRATION ALLOVERIST

I know of a story of two men in a village, one who worked hard while the other worked smart. It went something like this:

There was a peaceful village near the mountains with schools, clinics, village head department. There were farmers, masons, village doctor, tailors, and smiths. The village had lot of food, water, wine, etc. There was prosperity in the village. As population if the village grew need for water grew in the village.

The water table dried up and soon there was almost no water in the village. So the people in the village gathered for a meeting to talk about the future course of action. In the meeting the village made a thorough discussion in the meeting about the things that the village needs for survival. So water is the number one priority. The village leaders thought it can be done by fetching water from the huge lake two miles away from the village.

Two men volunteered to make arrangements to get water from the lake. The village heads gave their consent so that the two men were all set. The next day the village found that one of the men who promised to bring water from the lake was missing. The village heads thought that the man had fled from the village without any notice and there was only one man who could do this job, and so they depended on him.

The other man who stayed in the village to help woke up early everyday to fetch buckets and drums of water. He charged a price for a bucket of water, and fetched water for each and everyone in the village. He even employed his children and his wife for the job. All of them worked hard for him and he made quite a lot of money.

A month passed and one fine day the man who fled the village returned. He man said he was all set to provide water to the village. The village head said that it is already taken care of by the man who stood by his promise unlike him who vanished. The run away man said he has found a permanent solution, and said he will divert the lake water to the village. The village head asked him how he will manage to divert water to the village.

A month earlier, the run away man had gone to the city, hired some laborers, and laid a waterline from the lake to the village. They built a reservoir near the village, set up an electrical pump which could pump water to the village reservoir. He had all the paperwork for this new project, and now it was all set for his plan to work.

On an auspicious day he had the villagers and the head gather around the reservoir. He then switched on the pump and for first few minutes all they heard was air blowing through the pipe. After a few seconds they saw water in huge quantity pouring into the reservoir. The village from then on had lot of water. Water pipes were set up to supply water to all the houses for a nominal price and it was less expensive.

Everybody got water supply from the smart man. The smart man became rich and he also set up waterlines and reservoirs to supply to the neighboring villages. The demand for water from the man who fetched water became less and he went out of business. He then joined the rich water supplier and assisted him.

After the rich supplier passed away his son took over the business. The rich man was smart enough to work hard only for a short duration however, he got his work done as water was being supplied to every house every time, and got paid for the work he did not supply physically. He built a network and thus his set up got automated. This is smart work.

Creating a Network helps one to work smart. Networking makes life, our work easier.