“Last evening I went home early from school.”

“I know that. I saw you leave. But why? What happened?”

“Nothing happened.”

“We missed you at football practice. You did not want to keep the goal?”

“I love goalkeeping.”

“Then why did you go home early?”

“I thought I will conduct an experiment.”

“What experiment?”

“The sugar experiment. Do you want to know?”

“Do tell.”

“I went home and I found my parents in their room. So I went to the kitchen, lit the stove, maxed it, and placed an empty vessel on the fire.”

“An empty vessel? What for?”

“I am getting to it, now listen. I climbed up to the shelf, took a bottle of sugar which my mom keeps on the bottom shelf.”

“Oh. You wanted to prepare a cup of coffee did you? I remember making my first cup of coffee. I read instructions while I was making it. I guess you didn’t.”

“No listen to me. It wasn’t coffee I wanted to prepare. I half emptied the bottle of sugar into the vessel.”

“Ok tea then? That’s not how you prepare tea you know.”

“No no. Not tea either. Listen. I let the sugar heat.”

“Interesting. Then what happened?”

“The sugar melted. I thought it will turn to syrup. That’s what I thought would happen.”

“Ok so what happened?”

“The vessel got charred, and then it caught fire.”

“Oh my. Then what happened?”

“I took a mug of water and poured it in the vessel. It extinguished the fire. There was thick black smoke in the kitchen.”


“As soon as I poured water in the vessel it sounded like I put a masala smeared mackerel in the boiling oil. It did not smell as good as fish frying in a pan. It smelt like I lit a thousand matchsticks. As soon as the water extinguished the fire it gave out smoke. The kitchen filled up with smoke.”

“Did your mom scold you?”

“No. She does not know. I opened the kitchen window and switched on the exhaust. I took an old magazine, spread it and fanned. It took ten minutes for the smoke to clear. I then took the vessel out of the stove and poured the contents in the sink. I scrubbed the vessel clean. I kept it back in the shelf after I removed the soot. After that I cleaned the stove and went to my room before my mom saw me in the kitchen.”

“Cool. But why did you do all of this?”

“Remember the science class yesterday in school?”

“Yesterday? Dude, I don’t even remember what I did this morning in school.”

“Ok. Yesterday we learnt about Carbon and the substances which contain Carbon. Sugar has carbon right? I wanted to see it for myself. And hence this experiment. I saw carbon. Lots of it. The sugar got caramelized and then got charred.”

“You have got to tell the class tomorrow about it. So you did not tell your parents?”

“No I did not tell them. They don’t know it. I acted as if nothing happened. My mom made coffee for me and my dad. After the coffee I stepped out of my home.”

“Great going. So what kitchen experiment you will do next?”

“I don’t know yet. Next time I will use the field we play football in.”

“Sure. Just like we put the firecracker in a bottle and watched it blow it to pieces. We couldn’t play in the field for a week because of the glass pieces all over the ground.”

“I remember that. That was fun blowing the bottle up. We need to make bigger explosives next time, and use it some place we don’t need to use.”

“Yes I agree. Your mom must have noticed the half empty bottle of sugar?”

“May be, but I am not sure. When I stepped out I heard my mom tell my dad that the sugar was almost empty, and she told him to get some sugar on the way home the next day.”