Temple for the Krishna Conscious – INSPIRATION ALLOVERIST

The Temple

Not far from the Yeshwantpur railway station, on the top of a rocky hillock in the middle of Bangalore stands this modernized, well maintained, and a modernized temple called the ISKCON temple. ISKCON stands for International Society for the Krishna Conscious. This is one of the grandest temple in Bangalore. It was built using latest technology, and has marbled flooring. The Gopurams (towers) are connected by heat strengthened blue glass.

It is said that it is 200 feet above the road level and the staircase leads to the temple doors. The queue inside the temple is well maintained by trained guards. It then leads to the hall where the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha are located. The hall is large and spacious and it can accommodate around 2000 devotees at a time.

This temple was one of its kind in India when it was built, and it should be visited once. The temple complex also has the Dwarakapuri Hall where wedding ceremonies are held. There is a Pravachan Hall where Vedic slokas (verses) are recited, and stories about Lord Krishna’s life are told. Guests can choose to stay back at the Guest house which has 40 rooms to accommodate them. The ISKCON organization has websites and locations of temples worldwide on www.iskcon.com.

Akshaya Patra

Akshaya Patra is one of the biggest mid day meal programs for school children. The mid day meal program which was started by ISKCON, Bangalore through the Akshaya Patra Foundation serves more than 1.4 million school going children in many states of India. The have managed to increase retention of children in schools, school dropouts is otherwise a big problem. They do accept donations on their website www.akshayapatra.org.

For details about daily proceedings, events and for other help visit ISCKON temple, Bangalore at www.iskconbangalore.org.

The address:

ISKCON Sri Jagannath Mandir, #5, Sripuram, 1st Cross Seshadripuram,

Bangalore 560020