Ten Peaceful Countries to Consider Living In – ALLOVERIST

Peaceful countries exist. Not absurd at all. The Global Peace Index has listed 162 countries in this list. The rank is based on military spending, crime in the country, violence, governance, and war. Here are ten most peaceful countries you could consider living and working in.


Though Slovenia is small, it’s bio diversity is diverse and attracts lot of tourists. Not many Indians travel to Slovenia, but those who do say they have good food. There is less crime here so it is a safe country to travel to. People are welcoming and nice to tourists. Besides, they have lot of wine.



Japan might be a collection of islands, but the country is populated, and technologically advanced. Watching Sakura bloom is peaceful, maybe. You will find clean cities, clean washrooms, helpful people, and great food. They have great transportation system that is the most safe. The bullet trains had no crashes while China had few. The country has low unemployment rate, and low crime rate. Policemen in Japan carry paintball to shoot people they are chasing so that they can identify them in crowded place.


If you are an American it is not too much of a stretch to live in this country. It is right next to you, you all speak the same language (well almost), may be learn French too. They have one of the best healthcare, and education system, and some nice polite people, unless you are the opposite team’s goal keeper in ice hockey. Much of their country is the wilderness with beautiful landscapes, and is damn cold. If you want to live and work there, they have systems in place that will help you succeed. Safety of the people living in Canada is the first priority of the Canadian government.


Switzerland has mountains, the Glacier Express, and more than 1,500 lakes. The government helps its people with good education system, health services, employment, etc. This country is peaceful enough that 23% of the people living in this country are foreigners where teaching is one of the highest paid occupation. They mostly prefer renewable energy for their energy needs, and is one of the greenest countries of the world.

Czech Republic


There are support groups, and clubs that help foreigners living here. There are more than 500,000 foreigners living in this country that has a population of more than ten million. The government has systems to protect foreigners. The country has great musicians, theater artists, lots of castles, and it also has great food. Besides this, you don’t need to belong to a religion to live here.



There is low crime rate in Portugal, and has a great universities. England and Portugal signed a diplomatic alliance in 1373, which makes it one of the oldest friendship. They are still honoring, and took each other’s sides during many wars, including the World War. They are the first colonists to abolish slavery. Despite Portugal is Spanish, people have had great conversation speaking Spanish it seems. Portugal has great coast too.

New Zealand

There are more sheep than people here, we were told many times. Low population which is 5% human beings, and rest of them animals. They have low pollution. It has great landscapes, nice people, and Kiwis. The local people have free healthcare. Actually there are many species of birds, and animals, Maori culture that gave us haka. New Zealanders are open people and live lifestyles of their choosing, and foreigners can follow theirs.



Austria is another country that is clean, beautiful landscapes, great countryside. They have low crime rates. After the Second World War has declared itself neutral. Three famous Austrians that most people in the world know are Mozart who made great musical masterpieces, Hitler, who tried to take over the world but put a gun to his head, or escaped to South America, depends on who you talk to. The third one you may know is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Austria has three Nobel Prize winners for Peace. Most people travel to Austria to check out its history and its architecture.



It is one of the most peaceful, and least corrupt countries to live in. This makes them one of the happiest people alive in this world. They are the most taxed people too, but the money collected in taxes are put back into the system to give the Danish people some facilities that would put most countries of the world to shame. They also gave Lego construction toys. Other than India, Denmark was safe for Jewish people, because they sent most of them over to neutral Sweden during the war. Denmark is currently fighting Canada peacefully over an uninhabited island by removing each other’s flag, and then leaving a bottle of wine behind as an apology.


Iceland has a population of 300,000, and has 100% literacy. 60% of the people of Iceland live in their capital of Reykjavík. There are no forests in the country, so you have miles of nothingness. They are very tolerant towards foreigners. They are not afraid of public nudity (mostly happens at public pools), and also in using geothermal energy from active volcanoes for their electricity needs. Some say crime rate is non existent, so are the elves, or may be not. It is a democratic country since the year 930. The island is so safe, that they do not have a defense force. They are not worried about being attacked at all.