I woke up to read a nice e-mail. It said that I had cleared my B1 French exam. After my morning run I prepared chapattis for breakfast, ate them, and came to office to find my inbox flooded with e-mails. Why the hell I have to spend an hour on the road to get to office, I thought. I could leave my Splendor behind and instead cycle to work. My neighbor takes just half an hour to get to office which is next to mine.

I spent the next five minutes deleting unimportant forwards. I had sent an e-mail to my manager last Friday after fixing some issues. There were updates sent by him and by my team mates about the project. There was another e-mail from him about some more issues to be fixed. I checked my messenger. None of my friends had still come in yet except for Yukti who always took the early bus to office.

I locked my system and went over to the food court to have a cup of tea with my project mate. I hoped to see Yukti that day. Yukti is cute and I like her. She works for another project. She smiled at me when we cross paths, but I never caught her alone. She was with her friends that day. I pretended to check my messages when she looked at me. We first met at the culture committee. We worked together to organize DJ parties and concerts in the company premises. I fell for her only during one of the concert days.

After my coffee break I got back to my cubicle to fix the issues pointed out to me by my boss. I looked to my right to see Ashraf playing darts. Soniya who was in her cubicle came to mine and asked me if I saw Jeev anywhere.

‘It’s not my job to keep track of all your boyfriends’, I answered jokingly.

‘Whatever okay, now tell me okay. Serious this is’, said Soniya hitting me with a ruler. ‘By the way you promised you will ask Yukti out last Friday’, she said before walking away with her hands on her hips.

Yes I had promised her that. I remembered another promise I made. Last Friday I got off the phone with an interviewer before promising him that I would attend an interview at 4 PM today, a promise which I didn’t want to break. The interview was for an internship at Vienna for an international organization. However I could not attend this interview that day because I had to finish my job. I had also been preparing for the interview since a long time. I nervously picked up the phone. I called the interviewer and suggested that Tuesday would be possible for me to attend the interview. The interviewer told me that Tuesday was going to be a non working day for them. So, Wednesday evening 6 PM was decided as the date for the interview.

I saw Yukti during the coffee break but I went away taking a look at her while promising to myself to ask her out that evening. The rest of the day went by at my cubicle. I looked to my right and saw Ashraf with his darts again. He called me but I refused to join him this time. I had to submit my report which my boss requested me for in the meeting the previous day, after which I logged off at 5 PM and came back home to have my dinner prepared by my roommate.

I never got to see Yukti again that day. I guess I should have taken it easy about Yukti. I thought I should concentrate on my career and push romance to the backseat. But I wondered if I would ever meet anyone who I like as much as I like Yukti? I didn’t know