The Art and Craft of Capturing Ideas – ALLOVERIST

I have often met people who complain they lack ideas. People have ideas, but making it work can be simple. Ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. All of us have creative potential. You are drifting off to sleep while you come up with a great line. Did you just smile and go back to sleep? But chances are that we do not hold on to that idea by morning.

We need to be capturing ideas. A good idea flies at lightning speed and so we need the habit of writing it down somewhere, chances are that the same idea may not come back. The point is to document the idea and then evaluate if you require it or not.

After you get that idea take time to research it. Try finding books or articles about it. Chances are that you will interconnect it with things you already know with something else. You also get ideas from your surroundings, like talking to your friends for example. You have to document them first. There is always a show going on in our mind. You have the power of bringing your thoughts into reality. Pay attention to the ideas you generate.

Some great places you may get ideas are coffee shops, restaurants, conversations with people, books, while debating, at an event, on social media, etc. Sharing ideas may spark more ideas. The biggest hurdle to not making things work is to think that your ideas do not work. Instead pondering about how to make your ideas work will get you a long way.

Ideas Capturing Machines

Idea capturing machines? No, not really. You do not need a machine for that. Or can it happen? We have an idea, and then things set in motion to make the idea a reality? Could be.

Some preferred way to keep an idea bank:

1. A notebook: A notebook of any size would do. A long notebook might help you create an idea board, while a small notebook which you can carry everywhere, and you can note down your ideas.

2. Cloud Storage: Cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote is a go to tool these days to take notes and capture ideas. I use all the three for my work, and it has served me well. But pen and a notebook is faster.

Ideas can improve lives, yours and mine. At the end the world needs more people who have ideas that will help the world make better.