“The President has proclaimed the emergency. This is nothing to panic about.”

This is how the then PM of India, Indira Gandhi started her speech to kickstart the Emergency. Even though she said it was nothing to panic about, she set panic in minds of the public. In her speech she went on to say how baseless all the allegations against her was. The whole nation agrees to the fact that the state of emergency was the worst time in the Indian political history. On June 26, 1975, when the Allahabad high court voided her election to the Lok Sabha, and so she declared a state of Emergency, without consulting her Cabinet. As claimed by her, President Ahmed declared the emergency in the country because of the internal disorder of the cabinet. Publishing was restricted, freedom was curbed, legislative assembly elections were also postponed for some period during the period of emergency. What if the Emergency had not been declared? What would happen to Indira Gandhi? And what it meant? Read this article.

While the Emergency took away freedom, it had an advantage. City administrations functioned smoothly, work got done without any problem as described by this journalist who lived in Chennai at that time. But what did the Emergency do to Tamil Nadu politics?