The Only ‘Buy an Aircraft’ Store in India – INSPIRATION ALLOVERIST

While I was in Koramangala today I spotted this store where they sold planes, not toys, but real ones which can be flown. If you are a resident of Koramangala then head to the store, perhaps to buy an aircraft, or check them. The store sells two seat and four seat planes that you can just walk in and buy. The price range starts from 40 lakhs. This only store of its kind in India, and it is located at the Indus Aviation Complex located at Koramangala in Bangalore.

The Aircraft Company

I did some research. The international headquarters is at Dallas, Texas in the U.S.A., at the Dallas Executive Airport. An Indian born U.S. surgeon, Dr. Ram Parrisapu founded the company in 1994. The company primarily manufactures planes and sells them in India. He quit his profession to start this aircraft firm because he was more passionate about aircrafts. He wanted to develop general aviation in India. The three storeyed office building in Koramangala which was set up late in 2003 gets attention of people walking by who in turn might become customers. After all the air crafts cost as much as a Mercedes Benz. In the second floor, the company also sells merchandise like mugs, T-shirts, books, DVD’s model planes, and other aviation related information products.

Address of the Aircraft Store

898/1, 80 Ft. Road, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore -560095, India

Call them at 080-4150 1521/ 4110 5040/ 4110 5042/ 4110 5043.

Visit them online at for more information about the company and read articles, information about flying classes, etc.

Update: As of May 6, 2014

Due to the recession that happened recently, the company removed the aircraft store. Now they claim on their website that the company is undergoing reorganization. Back then in 2009 they had a cool website, and I picked up those pictures you see from there. If not IndUs Aviation, I would like to see any other store in Bangalore selling air craft again because it is cool that way.