I wrote this fictional piece two years ago in a ‘Child’s Voice’ as an assignment during one of the sessions at the Bangalore Writers Workshop. Its a hyper active kid in this piece who documents his thoughts. Do write a fictional piece or a fact, or if you have already written one, then please ping back.

I think loud. That was what my counselor told my parents. My parents took me to a child counselor or a psychiatrist to get me checked up. They complained to him that they had caught me talk to myself sometimes. The man asked me several questions and he told them that I think loud and there is nothing wrong with me. He told them that I cannot withhold thoughts to myself, and I had to say it out loud all the time. I think now they are convinced that there is nothing wrong with me.

Yesterday I was playing alone, and my mother caught me talking to myself. She scolded me and she told me not to talk to myself when I am alone. She told me that she will get upset if I talk when I am alone. So she told me to write down whatever came to my mind. So I started writing whatever I think. I named my diary thinking loud. That is you.

So dear diary, from now on I will call you thinking loud.

Hey thinking loud, do you know, I wear the thickest pair of glasses in my class? My mother told me that I had an eye operation when I was a one year old baby. She said I had a layer covering my eye. It is called cataract and the doctor got it removed. Until then I could not see anything or anybody in front of me. I only responded to sounds. My mothers’ elder brother, my uncle is a doctor. I think he lives 150 kilometers away from London. When they told him about it he advised my parents to see a doctor. The doctor told that it was cataract. They operated and got the layer removed. Now I don’t see very well thinking loud. I wear thick glasses. I have eye drops every day before I sleep. I am also the most intelligent in my class. I know that.

Hey thinking loud, I asked my parents to get me a science experiment kit. I need to do a little experiment. I like learning about chemical reactions. There is one more thing I am more interested in, thinking loud. That is electricity, and computers. You may remember the times I got electrocuted. I did not believe in electricity before. I wanted to see it with my own eyes. So I put my little finger inside the socket one day. The jolt I received threw me across the room. I did not tell this to my parents yet.

One day I tried connecting the fan inside my computer to the electrical switch. The fan did not turn. So, I tried to make it turn by moving the blades with my own hands. I felt the electricity pass though my body. What would happen to me if I tried the same in my grandfather’s factory in Bangalore? I asked the same question to my father and he told me that it will not make me a superhero.

Good morning thinking loud. When I become as big as my dad, I will make my own airplane. The airplane I travelled to Bangalore from Abu Dhabi was not nice. It was turbulent. Everybody was afraid and they held each other’s hands. I wished that the lady who gave me my food rips apart all the electrical systems and wires and give it to me. I wanted to study it and know how airplanes flew. But after the plane landed no one let me look at the planes systems. Now I think I have to watch Youtube videos now.

Dear thinking loud, my father told me that he will think about gifting me a laboratory kit on my 12th birthday. But he refused to give me that because he said it will cost him Rs. 80,000. He told me to ask amma’s permission. Amma said no to me. But I have seen many experiments on Youtube already. School books teach me only whatever I already know. It is boring.

Thinking loud, do you know why a balloon sticks on to the wall? It is because of static electricity.

I don’t sweat too much in Bangalore, thinking loud. Abu Dhabi is too hot. I have a friend next door here. He doesn’t like watching chemistry and physics videos with me. He always plays with his stupid dog. I am thinking I can connect his dog’s heart with something else. I got to dismantle my computer again and see what will come closest to running a heart. The electricity may keep the dog’s heart beating. But I don’t know how much power I needed. I need to read articles on the Internet for the information. My friend doesn’t like the idea. He doesn’t let me near his dog. Because he is also stupid.

Thinking loud, I know more than everybody in school about chemistry, physics, electricity and computers. So I rather don’t go to school right? I like watching videos online. My father got me a book which I cannot even pick up with both my hands. I read it. I told my father to get more books.

My parents took me to a Europe trip because my father won a bonus or something. My mother specifically asked appa to include Switzerland in our trip because she wanted to see that stupid Roger Federer’s house. She is glued to the television whenever he is playing and doesn’t even answer me. I wish he gets defeated by that long haired Spaniard in the next Wimbledon finals. My mother put up the pictures of our Europe trip on Facebook. So my dear dairy, thinking loud you go check it out.

Thinking loud, I am thinking of singing you up on Facebook. But don’t go on playing Cityville and Farmville all day. I don’t like seeing silly updates like thinking loud sent you a goat, thinking loud watered your garden and all that. But this is highly unlikely because you are a dairy. The only person who knows your password is me. I will not waste time like that like appa does. He plays those stupid games whenever he is working from home.

I don’t know what I wrote on which day, thinking loud. From now on I will have to write dates before starting to write. You don’t know when I wrote all this. Even I don’t.