Understanding Media Monitoring – ALLOVERIST

Media monitoring is the activity of monitoring of media content, mostly news. It a process of carefully reading, watching, and listening to the content in the various sources of media; namely newspapers, magazines that specializes in certain subjects, television, radio, internet, so that the analyst can analyze the content. This is done to identify mention of names of certain individuals, groups, organizations, companies, etc. Media monitoring play a very crucial role for success of any business, or campaigns.

This activity is carried out by groups of individuals within the organization, or an agency is hired to do the job. The outside agencies do it on a subscription basis. Media monitoring involves collection of newspaper clippings, collecting clippings from other publications, recording of radio and television broadcasts, and collection of news and data from the internet. After collecting the clippings, the analysts submits it as a report to the organization.

Monitoring Since the Dawn of Media

Media monitoring was in existence since the early 1900s, where individuals would carefully scan newspapers, cut and clip it whenever a particular organization was mentioned. However today it has moved from cut and clip service to service which incorporates technology. Every organization, including the government definitely monitors news on a daily basis. All this is done to monitor competition, monitor reputation of the company, or the person, monitor a campaign, to track mentions in the media about the person, or the organization. It helps to keep track of the trend.

And, media monitoring also ensures a company to track the performance of its own advertisements. In addition to monitoring news, analysts even track social media to learn the buzz about organizations, individuals. This helps in tracking mentions and discussions about the company or organizations by the social media users. Information is collected by monitoring media so that a strategy is drawn up for future campaigns and then implemented.